Doctor testifies in Marry Mubaiwa assault case

Source: Doctor testifies in Marry Mubaiwa assault case | Herald (Crime)

Marry Mubaiwa arriving at Harare Magistrates Court yesterday. — Picture: Lee Maidza

Nyore Madzianike Senior Court Reporter

MAXILLO and oral-facial surgeon Dr Wayne Manana yesterday told a Harare court that the woman who was allegedly assaulted by Marry Mubaiwa incurred a slight movement on her tooth because of the trauma sustained during the said attack.

Dr Manana classified the slight movement as in “grade one” from a range of zero to grade three.

He said Delight Munyoro complained of pain in her upper left jaw when she visited his clinic at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals sometime in January 2020.

“The woman presented herself on January 29, 2020 and was complaining of pain on the left upper jaw. I examined the patient and when I did extraoral examination we discovered that there was no laceration,” he said.

Dr Manana said he prescribed Ms Munyoro pain killers and antibiotics to reduce infections.

“Because of these we conservatively managed the patient and we did highlight to the patient that sometimes when there is trauma of that extent the tooth might lose blood.

“In other words, it might die. We asked her to come for review in three weeks,” he said.

Dr Manana said Ms Munyoro did not return for review and only returned to the clinic seven weeks later with another tooth pain problem.

“She did not come back after three weeks for review. She came after seven weeks complaining of severe pain to the tooth adjacent to the one mobile which she initially reported.

“I prescribed that the patient needed root canal treatment. It was out of suspicion that there was blood loss because of the impact of the trauma,” he said.

The State led by Mrs Netsai Mushayabasa applied to tender the medical affidavit for the second treatment as an exhibit. Mubaiwa, through lawyer Ms Beatrice Mtetwa, objected arguing that the medical affidavit was not part of the State papers they were given to prepare for the trial.

Ms Mtetwa said it was their first time hearing of the second medical affidavit.

“The State can furnish us with the affidavit and we postpone the matter to another day for us to go through the medical affidavit. We will then come back another day to cross-examine him on the document,” she said.

Magistrate Mrs Learnmore Mapiye upheld Ms Mtetwa’s objection, and ordered the State to furnish Mubaiwa with the affidavit.

The matter was postponed to May 19 for trial continuation.

It is alleged that on January 28, 2020 at around midday, Munyoro went to Helenic Primary School in Borrowdale, Harare to collect Mubaiwa’s son she sired with Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.

It is said that while Munyoro remained seated in the car, the driver, Batsirai Furukiya, went to collect the child. The court heard that while Furukiya was walking with the child going to where the car was parked, Mubaiwa followed him.

Upon arrival at the car, Mubaiwa started accusing Munyoro of telling her children not to talk to her and quizzed her on why she was doing so. Mubaiwa started shouting at her. Munyoro denied the accusation.

“Uri muroyi and handichengeterwe vana vangu nemuroyi”, meaning “you are a witch I cannot allow a witch to take care of my children.”

Munyoro allegedly remained quiet while seated in the car. Mubaiwa then allegedly struck Munyoro once on her left cheek using the backside of her left hand leaving her with a cut on the left side of her mouth and one of her teeth shaking.

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