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VAYA Technologies Zimbabwe, a subsidiary of EcoCash Holdings Zimbabwe Limited, has re-launched its BidBuddie, an online bidding platform that allows customers to bid and buy, auction and sell virtually anything to a large customer base.

The innovative online auction platform, which was initially introduced to the Zimbabwean market in 2019, has now been revamped in line with international technology standards, to make it easier and safer to trade.

Mr Givemore Jojo, VAYA Technologies Zimbabwe chief executive officer, said the new and improved BidBuddie guarantees buyers a safe auction experience on a large marketplace.

“We are delighted to unveil our new look online auction portal, which not only simplifies the bidding process for our customers but reinforces our commitment to investing in our diverse and growing market,” he said.

‘’To ensure seamless customer experience we have zero-rated the application but put in measures to ensure only bona-fide customers have access.”

The platform offers a dashboard that facilitates buying and account management activities by enabling customers to bid in real time, receive notifications and view upcoming auctions and announcements, said the company.

The new BidBuddie enables individuals to sell any valuable items, while over 200 corporates can auction off old or zero book value goods, it added.

Registered auctions also have the opportunity to auction their goods on the platform.

“With the new and improved BidBuddie, anyone can introduce their products to a growing online community. Whether you’re a professional retailer or an individual with one item to sell, there’s no other way to reach millions of pre-registered, experienced online buyers than through our platform,” said Mr Jojo.

He added that the listed financial technology group’s goal is to help companies and individuals reach a broader consumer base beyond target markets they would normally reach through their traditional channels.

“At VAYA Technologies Zimbabwe, our aim is to leverage technology platforms to provide our customers a smart and seamless way to source the goods and services they need,” he said.

“In this case we have done that through continuous improvement of our industry-leading auction platform, which allows customers to buy online with great ease and unprecedented levels of product data, and with great transparency.

“With the new platform, our customers can expect an enhanced customer experience, an integrated portal, a customised experience and a scalable and robust environment,” Mr Jojo said.

The revamped BidBuddie comes as revenues in the e-commerce market in Africa and Middle East are expected to rise by 11.3 percent this year, to a market volume of US$29 billion.

The new platform, which harnesses cutting-edge technology and incorporates a range of valuable insights garnered from customer feedback, provides customers with a suite of features that deliver a number of direct benefits such, as easy navigation.

For instance, registered users can get an overview of all auctions that are happening on the portal. This enables customers to access all auctions quickly and ensure they do not miss out on bidding opportunities.

Part of the upgrade on the platform includes efficient bidding where customers can quickly refer to each lot, with the description and pictures provided on the digital platform. As each lot closes separately, customers can save time, instead of staying in the auction until all lots in the auction event close.

To enhance transparency in the bidding system, VAYA Technologies Zimbabwe has made provision that while an auction is ongoing, bidders are informed if their bids have met the reserve price.

When the auctions are closed, bidders can refer to their bid history. The bid history reflects the pricing information of the lots they placed their bids on, regardless of whether customer have won or been outbid.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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