Friday Late reintroduces poetry performances

The Chronicle

Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter

LAST Friday, the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Bulawayo’s weekly performance shows dubbed Friday Late saw the reintroduction of live poetry performances which had been absent for a considerable amount of time at the establishment.

Philip Ian Butler, who originally introduced Friday Late events back in 2018, said he was keen to get new audiences to experience the exhibitions currently on show and one of his favourite memories was when Random Poets performed at the Rembrandt Exhibition in 2018.

“Witnessing someone perform a live interpretation in front of a work of art made the audience look at art in a new way, whilst enjoying fresh poetry, ” said Butler.

The ball was set rolling with SoxThePoet, Chester, Siboe and Vinci performing for hordes of appreciating poetry and art lovers at the Gallery prior to main acts which were musical performances. These include Luminous, rap duo Killemol, Pamellah, Mzistozz Mfanafuthi, Mahcoy, Calvin Treazy, Mellow and Metty Intombi Emfitshane.

Poetry and art lovers enjoying poetry pieces at National Gallery of Zimbabwe Bulawayo (Pic by Mgcini Nyoni).

Popular poet SoxThePoet was part of the whole experience and tour said it was “nerve-wracking.”

“It was a nerve-wrecking, adrenaline filled experience! “We’re engaging an audience with little or no experience of looking at art or listening to poetry. Our intention was to have people consume poetry and art together by fusing the two whilst ‘stripping’ the audience naked through words, ” said SoxThePoet.

Although this was a once-off performance, poetry and art lovers can still catch the Life Drawing exhibition at the gallery until September, and plans are being made for a similar performance for Keith Zenda’s ‘Bold and Beautiful’ exhibition at Friday Late on August 26. – @eMKlass_49

Article Source: The Chronicle

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