Getting to know the Top 10: Meet Mimmie Tarukwana

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This week, the ever bubbly RnB and soul artiste Mimmie Tarukwana is topping the charts with her song, First Love.
The artiste, who is part of the Outfit Band, released her first solo EP, They Love Mimmie last year and First Love is from this EP.

She is a constant feature at most shows around the country as she often provides backing vocals for some artistes.

Below is a brief profile of the artiste:

Question: Please tell us about yourself.

Answer: My Name is Mubanga Natasha Tarukwana also known as Mimmie Tarukwana. I am 28 years old. I started singing from an early age, about four to five years old I think. I went to a lot of schools, but Petra Primary and Petra High School were the last ones.

Q: First Love, what is it about and who did you work with?
A: I wrote the song with Luminous. It’s basically a song letting that special someone know how much they mean to you. It’s from my EP They love Mimmie which was released in 2021. It was produced by Shamex and Dakudu.

Q: What is your take on the local music industry and given a chance, what would you change”
A: Zimbabwe is full of talent. We need to work together instead of competing all the time and hyping our own so that we make it in the international sector.

Q: As a female artiste what challenges do you come across?
A: There are so many challenges that we face as female artistes, but I’d like to look at the solutions. For example, we lack safe spaces to record and that is because we lack the equipment or knowledge.

So if we are able to learn how to use the right equipment for whatever we need or how to get a booking for the right gig and not be exploited, then we won’t face these challenges.
In fact, we will be able to look out for the next generation of female artistes and prepare them for the industry.

Q: In terms of airplay do you think radio stations are supporting local talent enough?
A: Yes, the radio stations are doing the best that they can to support artistes from Bulawayo. I think that as artistes, we need to be hungry and not wait for the DJs to ask for our music. We need to push our music to all radio stations.

Q: Any advice to fellow and up-and-coming artistes?
A: Hard work and prayer are the best combinations in all aspects of your life.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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