Ginimbilite pens book to inspire youths’ resilience

The Chronicle

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent

SOCIALITE Ginimbilite (born Brian Goshomi) who takes up after the late socialite and entrepreneur Genius “Ginimbi” Kadangure is working on a book that he hopes will inspire growth among youths.

Ginimbilite said through his debut book project, he wants to inspire and motivate the youth to say “no matter your background if you got the drive, you can make it to the top”.

“My upcoming book is called “How to manage the society on your way to success”. Mainly this is a blueprint and more of a guide for young people on how to manage the pressures that come with adulthood as they rise to their success. I have noticed that family bonds no longer exist as young people are growing under broken homes due to different circumstances thus, they lack guidance in many ways,” he said.

Ginimbilite said the book addresses issues that include how to manage peer pressure and social media and how to bring value to society so that you can become a valuable member of society and solve problems.

“My goal is for the book to even be part of the curriculum so that every young person can be guided,” said the businessman known for hustling at the Capital’s Ximex Mall.

Ginimbilite set the record straight that he does not imitate the late Ginimbi but is fond of his lifestyle and hustle.

“Ginimbi is the one who inspired me and even from the grave he still inspires me. Many people confuse it like I want to be like him. That’s not true but l am just living my life as someone who was inspired by him the same way young football players are inspired by the likes of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“As a business man l am inspired the same way because he reached the levels l want to reach and l know with hard work and dedication l can get there,” he said.

– @mthabisi_mthire

Article Source: The Chronicle

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