Gwanda town baboons: ZimParks deploys rangers to deal with marauding primates

The Chronicle

Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu

Online Reporter

A TEAM from the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) has been deployed in Gwanda Town to control and capture marauding baboons that have been terrorizing residents.

Councillor for Ward 2, Nappy Moyo said the deployment of ZimParks officers has brought hope to residents.

“We are glad that ZimParks officers are on the ground and dealing with the problem of baboons. On Friday the report we received was that about 15 baboons were captured on the day,” she said.

“The cages have been set up at the Gwanda dumpsite and Gwanda Provincial Hospital as these are some of the points where baboons gather in numbers.

“The captured baboons will be relocated. The operation is still ongoing and we hope it will yield much results.”

Residents in Ward 1 and 2 and the areas near the Gwanda Town dumpsite have been experiencing the menace of baboons for about 15 years.

Of late the situation has escalated as the population of baboons seems to have increased with the animals damaging properties for residents and public institutions such as health centres, and schools.

The baboons become more problematic during the dry season as they turn to people’s homes for food and water.

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Article Source: The Chronicle

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