Had Chamisa actually said to bring back whites he would have surely been guaranteed my vote!

I hate political correctness!

Source: Had Chamisa actually said to bring back whites he would have surely been guaranteed my vote! – The Zimbabwean

Tendai Ruben Mbofana

I also loath not expressing what I truly feel and think – for fear of what people would think, or of a public backlash.

In fact, the main reason the world is in such a mess has largely to do with a people who are gripped by what is labeled “social conformity” – which is a type of social influence involving a change in belief or behaviour in order to fit in with a group.

Well, let me brutally be honest with all – I really do not care much about all that nonsense.

So many have lived through their lives in a miserable state of depression, simply because they feared saying what was truly on their minds, or in their hearts – since everyone else believed it was either a taboo, or politically incorrect.

Well, I love my life, and have every intention of going through it on my own terms, and according to my own beliefs – no matter what.

This is where most of us in Zimbabwe come in.

How many of us, most specifically black Zimbabweans, have been forwarding or sharing quotes from former Rhodesian prime minister, Ian Douglas Smith – to the effect that, if black people ruled this country, everything would turn upside down, and leaving virtually nothing functional?

Why do we appear to love those quotes – and, find them so fascinating that we readily share them with friends and family?

Does it not mean that – as a direct result of the record-breaking unmitigated failures that we have subjected our once prosperous and enviable country – somehow, somewhere within us, we have been forced to humble ourselves into admitting the undeniable truth?

Even former disgraced vice president, Kembo Mohadi – when confronted with the brutal reality that the government of Zimbabwe had dismally and shockingly ruined our beautiful country, which was once described as the “jewel of Africa” – attempted to blame the lack of training by former white Rhodesians on how to effectively and efficiently run our own affairs.

As much as such statements could potentially invite the wrath of his comrades in the ruling elite – who have a sickening propensity for denying the undeniable, and always “passing the buck” of their inadequacies to others – nevertheless, was Mohadi lying?

Was he wrong?

Have we not shamefully failed as a people in running this country?

There is nothing that gets my blood boiling than watching or listening to those who refuse to accept what is right in front of us, and hiding their heads in the proverbial sand!

Here, let us not even kid ourselves – I am not only making reference to our government, whose myopic, nonsensical, and even shocking kleptomaniac policies led to the fall of an otherwise successful and endowed nation.

What is the main reason over 90% of Zimbabweans are not formally employed? Why 74% of those who have something to make a living from, earn less than US$5.50 a day? Why 7.9 million of us survive in extreme poverty, on less than US$1.90 per day?

Why have most urban dwellers not had any running water in their homes for ages? Why most residents’ homes share the streets with gigantic piles of uncollected rubbish? And, why those same streets are potholed, and always darkened due to long-dead lighting?

Does this not saying something loud and clear about the people placed in authority, and we the residents ourselves, who fail to play our respective parts with diligence and faithfulness?

Nonetheless, this inaptitude is not confined to the halls and corridors of power – as our everyday lives are littered with the consequences of our incompetence.

Whether one visits a bank, or supermarket, or in a ZUPCO bus – glaring signs of mismanagement and disorganization are there for all who want to see, to see – as those are the main reasons for most failures to adequately deliver the expected services.

Who can look away at the sub-standard goods and services we provide – under the guise of top-notch “Proudly Zimbabwean” original genuine products – as we lie through the skin of our teeth about their exceptional quality?

Why can we not even discard our unwanted litter in the bin? Why do we feel the need to write vulgar stuff on private properties? Why do we even allow our own properties to merely crumble and dilapidate on our watch?

What does that say about our abilities and aptitude to manage our own affairs?

I am thoroughly fed up, and totally sick and tired, of the shameful disaster we call a country!

It does not matter whether Mohadi was right (as he most possibly was) or, we are just not bothered to do the right thing – but, the sickening depths of despair we have sunk our beloved country is completely unacceptable and indisputable.

I hate to admit it – but, had Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president, Nelson Chamisa, actually said he would bring back white people to Zimbabwe, if he were to win the 2023 presidential elections – he would have surely been guaranteed my vote.

Of course, we all know that is not what he said – but, merely alluded to his intentions to welcome business investors from all corners of the globe…using the euphemism of “whites and Chinese”.

The good thing is that, I am not a politician – and, are not there to utter sweet nothings, in order to garner votes – so, feel comfortable telling it as I see it.

Maybe, we do need white people to return and show us how to do things – so that we can bring back glory days, we found our country when we attained our independence in 1980.

Blind arrogance is what prevents us from admitting our weaknesses and failures – which hinders our ability to humbling, and subjecting, ourselves to training by those who know how it is done.

Besides, are our government’s economic policies not intended to merely return the country to where is was before?

There is nothing particularly new with what the Zimbabwe regime is promising the nation – except reviving the same companies, jobs, and livelihoods we had before they came into power!

So, would it not make much sense receiving training from those who made them a success, in the first place?

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