Health ambassadors 4ED treat residents free of charge

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Flora Fadzai Sibanda, Online Reporter

MORE than 150 residents received free medical services offered by Health Ambassadors for Economic Development in Pumula Old suburb on Saturday.

The weekly outreach programme started in January 2023. It has reached more than four suburbs since it began.

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and counsellors offered various services during the outreach.

Beneficiaries thanked the health ambassadors for the work they are doing and pleaded with them to offer such services regularly.

A beneficiary Mr Wanda Bhenca said he was grateful for the great work the health workers were doing.

He said he got a free high blood pressure check-up and his eyes were also examined.

“I was given free medication for my eyes and BP. The doctors here are doing a good job and they are very professional. I hope they are going to come back again so they can examine us and see if we are progressing and the medication is helping us,” said Mr Bhenca.

Another beneficiary Miss Bekezela Mthikhulu said she is from the Magwegwe suburb however when she heard the health ambassador will be in Pumula Old she decided to walk and get assistance from the medical people.

She said she is grateful to the Government that allowed the health ambassadors to help vulnerable communities like theirs for free.

Miss Mthikhulu said she is happy with the way the health ambassadors engage with people as they are very patient with everyone.

“A lot of people came out today to be assisted by the ambassadors. I hope the response which they gave to us here is not just a show but is something they are always going to be doing in every suburb,” she said.

National vice president for health ambassadors for ed Mr Ganizani Phiri said the response they have been getting from the outreaches shows that people are in need of the support offered by their organisation.

He thanked the Government for allowing the ambassadors to help and support communities across the country.

“Today a lot of people showed up for our outreach. Some travelled all the way from Magwegwe which is quite a distance in this heat. They all came because of the great stories they have heard about our work. I am glad everyone who came got the medical assistance they needed,” said Mr Phiri.


Article Source: The Chronicle

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