International exhibitions very beneficial to participating firms

Source: International exhibitions very beneficial to participating firms | Herald (Business)

ZimTrade-Zimbabwe won the ‘Best Recognition to International Exhibit’ award at the Zambia Agric & Commercial Show which ended yesterday. Zimbabwe Ambassador to Zambia Mrs Charity Charamba & ZimTrade CEO Mr Allan Majuru receiving the award from Zambia President Hakainde Hichilema

Kudzanai Sharara in Zambia

THE trade fairs that the country’s trade development and export promotion body, ZimTrade, facilitates for local firms to participate in, are very beneficial as they have allowed exhibitors to expand and grow their footprint into export markets.

At this year’s Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show (ZACS), which ended in Lusaka yetserday, ZimTrade facilitated the participation of 30 local firms.

Participating firms have since applauded the exhibition platforms which they said have been very beneficial as they have allowed them to expand into the region and earn the much-needed foreign currency.

Some of the firms have been participating at various trade fairs over the years and their continued presence is testimony that they are getting something out of it.

Zimplow senior marketing officer Ms Sandra Gumbo said trade exhibitions expose her firm to the national agriculture strategies of different countries helping her company to realise opportunities.

“From what we have experienced from our engagements at the show (ZACS), there is a need to grow agriculture; there is a need to mechanise and increase production and we are here to support that drive.

“So, l think exhibitions are a very good initiative in terms of bringing new output to the market and getting new exposure and marketing our brands,” she said.

Tanganda marketing officer Ms Tsitsi Kumadiro said the firm has registered significant growth in the Zambian market and exhibiting at the ZACS allows for continuous interaction with customers.

“You find every time when we come back, the customer is already waiting and wanting to see what is new on the market.”

She said the Zambian market has helped Tanganda increase capacity utilisation of the new machines at the Zimbabwe factory and allowing more products to be exported into the Zambian market.

Mr Abel Nyati who represented Bulawayo-based Millennium Footwear said his firm has religiously participated at the ZimTrade-facilitated trade exhibitions and have experienced tremendous benefit.

“We are here at ZACS to showcase our products. The response has been so tremendous and there are promises and prospective businesses which are coming in.

“We thank ZimTrade for the contributions it has made to our company. We have been to different places around the world and we would like to continue and encourage our fellow Zimbabweans that there is life out there. Once you reach out and show your quality products, the world is looking for what Zimbabwe is producing,” he said.

Mr Elliot Matsika whose firm, Good Hope Leather Products started participating at international trade fairs since 2005, said exhibitions had allowed his company to grow.

“We have managed to build our own complex and were able to buy new machinery and we look forward to participating at other international platforms.

“We thank ZimTrade for taking us this far and we are what we are because of ZimTrade and our Government.”

Mr Matsika appealed to the Government to assist with loans that will allow for further growth.

Mrs Choice Rusike of Jadesave Investments said her company was motivated by the need to make Zimbabwe an upper middle-income economy by 2030.

She applauded the Government for taking the initiative to promote women-led businesses even in previously male-dominated industries such as the construction sector.

“We are so excited about the policies that have promoted women put in place by the Government of Zimbabwe to ensure that women participate in male-dominated industries.

“Industrial chemicals is the preserve of man, but because of the policies that the Government has put in place we are very excited to be here and we are very happy to contribute to the pillars of NDS1 (National Development Strategy 1), which is growth”

Das Foods product development executive Ms Sibusisiwe Chitewe said her company has been and intends to continue participating at more trade fairs facilitated by ZimTrade as her firm is focused on growing the export markets.

She said trade shows have given her firm the much-needed exposure in various export markets as far as Italy.

“We understand that as a country, we have a responsibility to build the economy of our country instead of us importing products we can produce locally.

“We are focused on the export market so that we can generate the much-needed foreign currency in our country,” said Mrs Chitewe.

Another firm, which has been participating in various regional exhibitions organiSed by the ZimTrade in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is Triple Tee Footwear, which produces leather safety footwear and safety garments under the flagship brand, Tsimba.

Its sales and marketing manager Mr Godknows Simbanegavi said the exhibitions helped in understanding the market and get feedback from the prospective customers.

“Following the feedback at similar exhibitions, we made a decision to open a branch in Lusaka in 2016 and the business is growing.

“Plans are underway to extend our Tsimba brand presence in Zambia’s Copperbelt province as well as the DRC market in Lubumbashi,” he said.

Meanwhile, the ZimTrade-Zimbabwe exhibition hall won the Best Recognition to International Exhibit award at the 94th Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show and Exhibit.

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