JoyRukanza excited by RoilBAA nomination

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Millicent Dube, Showbiz reporter

Joy Roselyn Rukanzakanza also known as JoyRukanza is exuberant as she reveals that she has been nominated for the RoilBAA Outstanding Female Artiste Of The Year award.

The singer, who has been to the United States of America and the UK, believes her sojourns have shaped her to be the musician she has become and given birth to her signature tune.

Popularly known for having directed and produced the first edition of the Forêt Tropicale experience, a one-day forest-themed music festival aimed at enhancing the growth of the Zimbabwean music industry through regional cultural exchange and the use of out-of-the-box offerings to educate, entertain, captivate, and informatively enrich the industry, JoyRukanza is over the moon for being a RoilBAA nominee.


“Being a singer has always been a part of me. This award serves as an acknowledgement that I am actually on the right track and I am certainly using my God-given talent to soothe the ears of the public. I am very humbled,” she said.

JoyRukanza’s music career began during the Covid-19 pandemic when the singer decided to begin as a solo performer.

In less than a year of starting, she has released three well-executed musical projects as well as an online live performance, The J Space Performance.

Her first project New Day featuring South African multi-award-winning hip-hop sensation, KiD X, was an international hit. Her follow-up single, Roses, premièred on BBC Music before its official release.

JoyRukanza’s latest offering, Queendom, released in mid-October currently has close to 20 000 views on YouTube. It was shot in Tanzania and premièred in a Ster-Kinekor theatre in Bulawayo, to give the selected press attendees a movie experience.

“I am a multifaceted individual always looking for opportunities to learn new skill sets. I knew that one day I would record my music inspired by Enya, but that was not the only thing I aspired to do.

“Apart from music, I am very dedicated towards academics and have a career in technology. I am also passionate about fashion and hope to do something in that space one day,” she said.

The young Rn’B singer did all this when she was still at Bryn Mawr College in the United States, where she graduated magna-cum-laude with a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies.

“This award gives me more energy to push harder. I am still an independent musician so it’s not much of a walk in the park but hopefully, one day, when a sweet deal comes my way, I will engage a record label,” she said

JoyRukanza saw herself in the streets of London for her BBC music performance and got the opportunity to engage with other fellow artistes and see their studios. She’s worked with the likes of Chymamusique, Tanto Wavie, KBrizz & Phanas and Skaiva.

“As a developing artiste myself, I can only share what has worked for me because I am still growing. I would say learn as much as possible, use resources at your disposal, and leverage workshops and symposiums that are hosted by industry professionals to learn about the industry and how you can be better.

Network with artistes and industry professionals.
“Create formidable relationships with people in the industry because your network is your net worth.

Engage your fans and above all do not be discouraged by the constant harrowing artiste slander that we see on social media every other day about artistes from our city. Keep working at your craft. If it makes you happy, you have won,” said JoyRukanza.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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