Kujata Jata success buoys DT Bio Mudimba

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Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter
IF you don’t have it on your phone, then you have probably heard it from someone else’s. Either way, you have listened to or heard of Kujata Jata.

The song by D.T Bio Mudimba (real name Day Tawanda Ncube) and his Kaani Stars band became a national hit so much that last year, it topped at least four national radio stations’ end of year music charts.

The Tonga song was number one on Radio Zimbabwe, Diamond FM, National FM and Nyaminyami FM. Following this success, multi-lingual Mudimba expressed gratitude to his fans.

“I wept tears of joy when I learnt that Kujata Jata was number 1 on four radio stations. I ran out of words to thank my fans, Team Kujata Jata for such great support. We also praise the Almighty above for affording us the opportunity to sing,” he said.

The lyrics video for Kujata Jata on YouTube has eclipsed the 300 000 mark since premiering in March last year and Mudimba wants to record visuals for the song as well as other singles that he has done.

“This year, we’re working on visuals and if funds permit, more music for our fans,” said Mudimba.

Other singles that the band has done include Baama Atata and MaDhawu.

Explaining Kujata Jata, the leader of Kaani Stars troupe said it is a Tonga word that means a person who likes to use juju in solving some of the problems encountered in life.

“The song talks about social life where in a family, children are having misfortunes in their love lives which prompts them to seek spiritual guidance from churches.

“They are told that in the family, there was once a granny who used juju. Unfortunately, she passed on and her juju is now bringing them bad luck,” D.T Bio Mudimba explained.

It was no surprise that the song emerged as the song of the year as it brought together sungura lovers in an amazing way with many creating social media groups in trying to reach out to each other in appreciation of the Tonga masterpiece. — @eMKlass_49

Article Source: The Chronicle

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