Makandiwa lavishes praise on Mnangagwa, blasts his critics

HARARE – United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Emmanuel Makandiwa sang President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s praises on Saturday, while berating his critics who “see what is not there and are not able to see what is there.”

Mnangagwa was a special guest at Makandiwa’s mega church in Chitungwiza where he attended an Easter conference.

He praised the Zanu PF leader for ongoing roadworks; the Beitbridge border post refurbishment and a new power station at Hwange which could boost the country’s electricity generation by 600 MW.

On power generation, Makandiwa said: “There is nothing that gives me hope than being in the dark, yet knowing that light is on its way.

“Sooner or later, we will be able to export electricity. Whether the devil likes this or not these things are happening. I don’t know about you, but I like development.”

On work at the Beitbridge border post, Makandiwa said: “If you’re into trucks, you will agree with me that your truck would be stuck there for six days. But if you look at how the government has managed to modernise that port, it now takes you less than 20 minutes (to pass through).

“There is nothing that says do business in this country, which is more than the creation of such an environment at the port. To me, that is a statement.”

Makandiwa was even more effusive in his praise on the roads, claiming that the resurfacing of some roads around the country was “saving lives.” He was speaking just hours after two road accidents claimed 41 lives on Zimbabwe’s treacherous roads.

In the first accident, 37 members of the Zion Christian Church were killed and 40 others injured when their overloaded bus rolled into a ravine near Chipinge on Thursday night. On Friday, four people died and 14 others were injured when a Nissan Caravan carrying members of an Apostolic Church crashed on the road between Nyanga and Rwenya.

“I’m one of the people that would speak when things are not right,” Makandiwa said. “When I see blood being spilled on our highways, I speak out against that. And now when I see what is happening and look at our highways… you have already started saving lives.”

Makandiwa claimed that Mnangagwa’s critics were afflicted by a “disease.”

“The ability that our people have to see what is not there and not be able to see what is there is a manifestation of a fallen nature. We will cry and demand that you give us roads, but by the time you hand over that to us, we look at something else we don’t have. It’s a manifestation of a fallen nature,” Makandiwa said.

Makandiwa claimed that even if Mnangagwa “desists from campaigning, the works speak for him.”

“The problem with being a critic is that criticising can develop and eventually become a passion, and from being a passion it eventually becomes a commitment, and it then becomes an occupation,” he chided.

“My heart bleeds a lot when I look at the next generation drowning every single day in this situation, in this quagmire called social media. No-one can ever convince your children that having access to a smartphone doesn’t mean that you have access to smart thinking.

“That is why sometimes we say the things we say. Having access to the internet does not mean you have access to wisdom. Every man now has his own opinion. I’m encouraging you my brothers and sisters to focus and look at what has been done so far.”

Makandiwa, whose followers believe he has a gift of prophecy, made a controversial claim that “it is never the responsibility of government to create jobs for citizens.”

“The creation of an environment is their responsibility so that you and I prosper and we have that opportunity in Zimbabwe. There is something wrong with a citizen who keeps complaining and shifting blame,” he told his followers.

Makandiwa praised Mnangagwa and his deputy Constantino Chiwenga for “your ability to be able to concentrate on your work and allow all of us to bark whilst you are concentrating on your work.”

“It’s a God-given ability. Not many can do that. Many of us feel like retaliating but you keep on focusing on your work. We are going to give you our support, we are your children we are your sons and daughters,” he said.

Mnangagwa revelled in the praise.

“I feel that I have been missing a lot and I hope the statement made by Prophet Makandiwa has been broadcast countrywide,” Mnangagwa said.

“We all have eyes but few see beyond what they choose to see. Prophet Makandiwa has advantage of having a spiritual eye not just the physical. God says among every people I shall give them a prophet. From today, I conclude that Zimbabwe is a blessed country.”

Mnangagwa said he accepted Makandiwa’s invitation after being persuaded to attend by the first lady, Auxillia.

“I accepted Prophet Makandiwa’s invitation out of courtesy but the Lord knew this day would be. I now believe that my acceptance of your invitation was designed by God so I could be educated about the church. I have understood that the church has clarity on issues across the board.”

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