Marry Mubaiwa’s family shelves amputation, seeks new doctors abroad

HARARE – Marry Mubaiwa’s family has shelved a scheduled amputation process on her forearm with faint hopes of a miraculous recovery by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s troubled ex-wife.

Mubaiwa battles life-threatening lymphoedema which causes swelling in body tissues.

Her local doctors have recommended the amputation of the arm to try and relieve her of the chronic ailment.

The amputation was scheduled for this past Saturday but her family cancelled the procedure in order to seek “an emergency second medical opinion” abroad, according to her lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa.

Mubaiwa’s health troubles have been exacerbated by her ongoing trial on charges of attempted murder on her ex-husband when the former Zimbabwe military boss was also battling for his own life in South Africa three years ago.

She has been in and out of the courts but trial has been running in fits and starts as she has constantly been forced to seek a break in order to get treatment.

The once queen of the ramp has been denied access to her passport which is being held by the courts as part of her bail conditions.

It was not clear however how the family hoped to secure her departure abroad when her travelling document was still in the hands of the State.

Neither has it been clear on where exactly she was destined for the new medical operation.

Speaking to the media after a warrant of arrest had been issued against Mubaiwa on Friday, a teary Mtetwa accused Zimbabwean courts of being manipulated to cause further pain to her client.

“Our justice system sucks…(there is) weaponisation of the law to deal with personal issues.

“First she was denied the right to seek medical attention outside the country whilst they do.

“Then they issue a warrant for her arrest in that condition after she had made an effort to present herself in this condition,” said Mtetwa.

Ghastly images of swells and deep wounds on Mubaiwa’s right forearm circulated on social media weekend, fuelling rumours of her death which was however dismissed by Mtetwa.

Marry Mubaiwa’s condition has deteriorated

Severe cases of lymphedema, such as Mubaiwa’s, are known to impair movement on the affected limb.

Additionally, it raises the risk of skin infections and sepsis, which can lead to skin changes and breakdown.

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