Matepatepa projects to transform lives

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Cde Musanhi

Fungai Lupande Mash Central Bureau

Developmental projects in Matepatepa farming area in Bindura that include roads rehabilitation, construction of a new clinic and schools development have been hailed as major strides towards improving livelihood.

Villagers are happy with the progress made so far in implementing the projects in the community.

This follows the recent commissioning of Tarlington Clinic as the Second Republic works on increasing access to primary health care. Access to primary health care is the foundation to universal health coverage.

The Matepatepa community used to travel to Bindura or Shamva in search of health care services

Tarlington Clinic is one of the clinics constructed using devolution funds.

Other clinics were built at Foothills, Makaya and Manga areas. The clinic was initially an old farmhouse, which was renovated using development funds through local legislator Cde Kenneth Musanhi.

It has a maternity ward and it is solar powered. It has running water and Wi-Fi connectivity for research.

Mr Edwin Masekesa said the Second Republic is implementing several projects in Matepatepa aimed at improving the standards of living.

“This is a farming area and we used to travel to Rusununguko in search of health care,” he said.

“This clinic opened its doors in February 2020 and we are receiving quality care from the nurses. I warn other youth against vandalising the clinic infrastructure, we will not hesitate to effect citizens’ arrest.”

Ms Senzi Chiduku said they used to travel to Katumba or Chidembo on foot to access health care services.

“We thank the President for spearheading developmental projects which have an impact on our lives. We appeal to the Government to continue with such good work,” she said.

Ms Miriam Gatsi said the community was now receiving quality health care at the new clinic. Mr Edson Chokufiare said the Bindura-Matepatepa road is under construction while new clinics are being commissioned. He also hailed the Government for bringing ZUPCO buses to ease transport challenges in the community.

“Life has been made easier through developmental projects that are being run by Government. Just imagine, this was a dilapidated farm house but our MP Cde Musanhi and council worked hard to renovate the house to suit clinic standards,” he said.

Cde Musanhi hailed the villagers for cooperating and contributing towards development of the community.

He called on medical doctors to periodically visit clinics and examine patients.

He also urged the council to prioritise purchase of a grader for road rehabilitation.

Cde Musanhi is also assisting in the construction of schools in his constituency. Border Gezi Primary School is one of the schools under construction.

Bindura RDC acting chief executive officer Mr Doesntmatter Kapondoro said devolution funds have seen an increase in implementation pace of projects including completion of the clinic.

He said the clinic caters for 12 farms and some villages in Madziwa.

“The clinic has so far attended to over 10 000 patients and 110 deliveries,” he said.

Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Senator Monica Mavhunga said the Government has made great strides in establishing a number of infrastructure to improve the quality of life for communities.

“I thank Cde Musanhi for contributing towards Tarlington clinic, this is work towards vision 2030,” she said.

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