Mlindo The Vocalist saves Good Friday blushes

The Chronicle

Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter

AS high-stakes Good Friday shows seemed to flop, Mlindo The Vocalist redeemed himself after his botched show earlier this year with a splendid performance at Parkview Pub and Grill in Bulawayo.

South African artistes continued their trend of letting down fans in the country when Daliwonga boycotted the “Monate Friday with Daliwonga” show at Eyardini. The rains also threatened to disrupt the show.

Mlindo The Vocalist performing.

At first, Mlindo’s show seemed to flop as he played cat and mouse with fans, delaying his performance till just before 3am. But it was delayed gratification for the patient patrons who got a stellar performance from Mlindo.

The AmaBlesser hit-maker did what most artistes cannot and that’s actually singing on an instrument. Most artistes lip-sync and do so badly most of the time.

He sang to keyboard instrumentals and the crowd seemed to enjoy every moment of it as they followed him around the dance floor in unison. He actually did not go upstage, but mingled with the sizeable crowd that attended the Pre-Independence Day Show.

He sang hits Usukulude, Ekhaya, Wamuhle and Amablesser and paid tribute to the late South African rapper Riky Rick when he sang their song, You and I.

Unlike many South African acts who perform two-minute skits, Mlindo engaged with fans and sang along with them. After his performance, he had a meet and greet session, where he shook hands and took photos with fans.

The fun did not stop there as he on Saturday, headed to the mining town of Gwanda for another show.

Credit must be duly-given to DJs who made sure that patient patrons waited for Mlindo as they kept them well entertained with great tunes. DJs on the decks were Prince Eskhosini, FFF Molfy, DJ Mzoe, Kead  Wikead and Zetfaktor. – @eMKlass_49

Article Source: The Chronicle

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