Musengezi vows life threats will not force dumping of Mnangagwa challenge

HARARE – Zanu PF activist Sybeth Musengezi has vowed the weekend arson attack that damaged his home and also destroyed property will not deter him from seeking justice in his court challenge against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s legitimacy.

Musengezi and his family escaped what he believes was an arson attack by suspected state agents at his Sandton home in Harare Saturday.

Neighbours pitched in to help the defiant activist put out the inferno, which had destroyed property worth US$ 8 500, excluding the damage on the house.

A Toyota Vitz, a 5000-litre water tank, two beds, blankets, electrical appliances, and clothes were among the items destroyed in the fire.

Musengezi claimed the incident was staged to intimidate him against challenging Mnangagwa’s legitimacy as Zanu PF leader.

The activist says he will not dump his challenge despite signs of risks against his life.

“This attack has actually strengthened my resolve to fight on and I now believe I have a strong case; otherwise I would not have been facing these attacks if it was a simple matter.

“My family is still traumatised. Imagine kids watching as thugs attempt to burn them alive. They are extremely terrified.

“Right now, we are working on long-term security measures to ensure the family’s safety,” he said.

In his court challenge, Musengezi claims Mnangagwa was improperly elevated to becoming Zanu PF first secretary in violation of the ruling party’s constitution, following the shock military assisted coup against late former President Robert Mugabe November 2017.

Since November last year, Musengezi says his civil, structural engineering, and construction businesses have faced numerous threats by suspected state agents targeting him and his clients.

“Threats have always been there since November last year. Death threats, threats of being arrested or beaten up.

“I have had my clients being threatened not to renew my contracts or pay me my dues.

“I’ve taken some of the cases to court, but the clients are under strict orders not to pay me a single cent,” said Musengezi.

Only a few brave party activists, Musengezi says, support his bold decision to challenge Mnangagwa’s legitimacy, while the majority of them no longer want to be associated with him for fear of being victimized.

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