Mutoko man axes father to death, cuts his testicles

MUTOKO – In a shock incident, a Mutoko man suspected to be a mental patient struck and killed his father with an axe before cutting off his parent’s testicles.

Police revealed the incident via their official social media handle.

“On 02/12/22, ZRP Makosa arrested Tonderai Mariwo, a suspected mentally challenged man, for a case of murder where he allegedly struck his father once with an axe on the neck before cutting off the head, right thumb and testicles.

“The suspect has since appeared before Mutoko Magistrate court, where he was remanded in custody for trial on 16/12/22,” police said on Twitter Saturday.

Police did not reveal further details on the incident.

However, incidents of children killing their parents in cold blood and desecrating their bodies are not new in Zimbabwe.

In August this year, a 19-year-old Bindura man stabbed and killed his 55-year-old mother with a kitchen knife before slicing off pieces flesh from her body and eating them.

January last year, a 23-year-old Eritrean man who was living in Harare stabbed his parents 18 times, using a kitchen knife, killing his father and seriously injuring his mother following a family row.

In 2019, a then 27-year-old Inyathi man axed his father to death and shoved his body headlong into a fire resulting in the skull being burnt.

Daniel Niyata Fussum, who was a student at a university in the Netherlands, stabbed his father twice on the chest, once on the stomach and once on his left hand.

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