‘Relocate vendors from Byo CBD’ 

Source: ‘Relocate vendors from Byo CBD’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe

Winos Dube

RESIDENTS have asked the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) to relocate vendors to unoccupied industrial sites to decongest the central business district (CBD).

Speaking at a virtual meeting between residents and council yesterday, a resident, Sibonginkosi Ncube, said: “BCC should pick some of the industrial sites and set up flea markets to decongest the CBD. From there, we should start aggressively marketing available industrial space both locally and internationally.”

Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association chairperson Ambrose Sibindi said council should find proper working space for vendors to decongest the city.

“We are not saying the council should chase away vendors, but it should identify possible areas where they can move vendors to. Vendors operate on pavements which are not safe as we can lose lives when an accident happens,” he

Bulawayo United Residents Association chairperson Winos Dube chipped in: “The congestion in the CBD is being caused by closure of Egodini. The congestion causes confusion and disturbances to traffic flow. People should put heads together and come up with a solution. We want to see Egodini Mall coming to life. We are worried whether or not the Egodini project will be completed.”

Most of the Bulawayo industrial premises are empty shells, with some being used as churches after several companies closed in 2008 due to collapse of the economy together with the Zimbabwe dollar.

Although the economy later picked up, industries in Bulawayo never recovered.

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