Report druglords to officers in charge to avoid reprisals- police

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Blessing Karubwa, Chronicle Reporter

POLICE have advised people to provide tip-offs against drug dealers to officers in charge at any police station near them.

This follows complaints that some people who have exposed illegal activities have been targeted by drug dealers.

Last month, police launched a countrywide anti-drug abuse operation last month.

Drug abuse is seemingly spiraling out of control, especially among the youths in the country.

In an interview, Bulawayo provincial police Inspector Abednico Ncube urged members of the public to be cautions with information they have on drug dealers as failure to do so could expose them to attacks by drug dealers.

“Drugs are dealt by specific people in terms of tip offs, we are having complaints that when members of the public report to the police, they get sold out. We now feel that they would be reporting to the wrong person or after reporting to the police they further go to the beer halls and tell their friends that they have made a report to the police exposing themselves to attacks by the drug dealers,” he said.

“If you give information to the police officer, it is also your duty to protect yourself from further divulging that information from any other person on the road.

“Members of the public have been informed that they can approach any officer in charge at their nearest police station and give them information which then would be disclosed.  However, we want to warn members of the public not to tell anyone, any person they meet on the road or police officer on the road but you should have specific people, officers in charge at stations.”

Insp Ncube said a lot is going on in dealing with drug dealers in Bulawayo but could not divulge much as that could scuttle investigations.

He said also those reported in newspapers as dealing in drugs are being investigated.

“The long arm of the law is checking on those that were mentioned in the newspaper. A lot is happening behind the scenes. Bulawayo is advanced in terms of fight against drugs.,” Insp Ncube said.

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Article Source: The Chronicle

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