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THE Meteorological Service Department (MSD) has warned that some parts of the country will experience violent thunderstorms and localised hail which may damage property between 29 December and 3 January 2023.

Moisture is expected to start drifting into the country from Zambia through all Mashonaland provinces.

The 2022/23 rainy season is in full swing, and Cabinet recently adopted the Multi-Hazard Contingency Plan for the 2022/23 rainy season to deal with rain-related disasters.

As a result of climate change, the country has not been spared from adverse weather conditions which include flash floods and cyclones.

In a statement, MSD said: “The moisture should gradually spread southwards to cover Matabeleland North, Northern parts of Midlands, Northern districts of Manicaland, Bulawayo Metropolitan, and Harare Metropolitan provinces into the New Year. A cloud band is expected to enhance rainfall over Matabeleland South and Masvingo province during the first week of January 2023.”

MSD said much of the country will receive rain showers by the close week of January.

Cyclone – Image taken from Shutterstock

“There are also chances that the storms could blow off roofs, loosen debris and result in some trees falling due to strong winds,” said the department.

MSD urged people to stay indoors unless there is an emergency, and to avoid crossing flooded rivers as well as take caution when driving since visibility may be reduced.


Article Source: The Chronicle

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