Summer is here, let’s munch & sip, shall we?

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Simba Jemwa, Showbiz Reporter

Munch & Sip at Matopos Sailing Club? Sounds like another great excuse to head to this Fraser Valley destination and get our fill, right? Summer is here, good food is a given and people will be dressed to their nines. And like Will ‘Fresh Prince’ Smith once said in bars to his hugely popular track, Summertime — “Summer, summer, summertime”, it is time to sit back and unwind.

Heads will be bobbin’, feet will be tappin’ and people will dance to the groove. Tomorrow, Matopos Sailing Club will be buzzing with music and children’s laughter. Birds will be singing with glee while the cool breeze pulls up a skirt or two! The smell of good food will permeate the air accompanied by the sizzling sounds of a roast “what what” and a “what what” salad.

Oh, and Gemma Griffiths will provide the soundtrack during the popular Munch & Sip. And I bet she won’t disappoint. On the decks will be DJs, Ryan Synth, Reezy and Just Drey. Whole families will be at the Sailing Club for the latest edition of the food fiesta which is one of the marquee culinary events in the country. The extravaganza moves to a venue that is on the banks of a beautiful water body, bringing a fresh appeal for food enthusiasts to enjoy while they chow down and dope up.

Children will be doing their thing at Luna Park, while their parents and guardians bubble on wine, whiskey, and the usual beers or lagers. The food offerings range from barbecue to sausage sandwiches and funnel cakes to snow cones and so on.

Gemma Griffiths

The venue is set deep in the hills and valleys of Matobo and first-time visitors will be charmed by the scenic setting within which the sailing club is ensconced. But the beauty of this munch and sip is not just the venue. It is also the drive along Matopos Road that will take your breath away. The winding road will set the mood for what will be an afternoon of culinary indulgence.

Earlier this week, Mandipa Masuku the Munch & Sip founder said they are trying to create a street food culture with this event. “We’re trying to create a street food culture within Zimbabwe which is excitement surrounding food that can be easily made by Zimbabweans and that is easily palatable by Zimbabweans. Ideally, we want to achieve this by having our chefs test out different ingredients. 

“We have a competition that we’re running for the first time this weekend. We have three chefs that applied and our major sponsors’ Greens and Country Foods are going to be sponsoring the competition. The chefs will have a secret ingredient that they’ll use and they’ll be judged accordingly,” Masuku said.

She said preparation for the day is well underway adding that taking the event slightly out of town will usher people into summer while giving them a much-needed break from the city hustle and bustle.  “We’d like to think moving slightly out of town will give people the much-needed experience and breather we all need. This time around, we have more space as we’re expecting a bigger crowd. And of course, we are bringing Gemma, an international artiste based in Zimbabwe. We are here for it and the food that will be served as usual,” she added.

The food court will feature much-loved Magriza Made Me Cook, a Soko’s Butcher’s block, Cooking with Michie, Maxhosa Hubbly Garden, and Nduna Gardens, among others, giving foodies a wide range of selections. Through hosting this event, Masuku said their aim is to create lifestyle events with quality entertainment for the young and old. 

To ensure that no one is left out, Masuku said they have partnered with on-demand app-based cab and shuttle services company Vaya for the transportation of people to the venue from Bulawayo CBD.  The event which is expected to kick off in the afternoon will surely draw a large crowd given Bulawayo’s general love for live events and the outdoor scene. 

Arguably the country’s leading food innovation initiative, Munch & Sip is an opportunity for people in the food industry to make the food system more sustainable and healthy. It also builds an inclusive and innovative community of diverse start-ups and corporate food sector partners to drive innovation and entrepreneurship. — @RealSimbaJemwa

Article Source: The Chronicle

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