Teacher offers US$40 for children’s upkeep 

Source: Teacher offers US$40 for children’s upkeep -Newsday Zimbabwe

A HARARE teacher, Tendai Benjamin, was on Monday dragged to court by his ex-wife for failing to provide for his minor children aged five and three.

Precious Makashu told magistrate Ayanda Dlamini that Benjamin was neglecting his children despite earning US$300.

Benjamin, however, offered to pay US$40 per month for the upkeep of his children.

“I am married now with a wife who has two minor children. I help take care of my stepchildren. I also have a loan to pay. I recently enrolled with Zimbabwe Open University for a bachelor’s degree which I am required to pay fees for,” said Benjamin.

He added that the applicant should contribute half of the money she was claiming since she is a tailor.

The magistrate, however, ordered Benjamin to give his former wife US$70 monthly as school fees for his two children.

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