‘This man is a serial gold digger, your honour’ 

Source: ‘This man is a serial gold digger, your honour’ -Newsday Zimbabwe

A HARARE woman has accused her ex-husband of being a serial gold digger after he dragged her to the civil court claiming that she was refusing to hand over his valuables.

Harare magistrate Sharon Mashavira was told by the complainant, Amuli Mweya, that she has never been violent towards Tapedzisa Makoni as he claimed in his application.

She said Makoni was an abuser and a serial gold digger.

“When I first met him, he was also going in and out of court. He was suing his ex-lover and demanding property such as cars and houses. I am not surprised that today I am the one he is dragging in and out of the courts,” Mweya told the court.

“He just left home three weeks ago after physically abusing me. I found text messages in his phone from his friend advising him to divorce me and take the car. He met me owning that car. I have since sold it because he wants it.”

Makoni claimed that Mweya was demanding a TV set, wardrobe and car which he claimed were his.

“I am the owner of the car your worship. All of the other allegations laid against her are true. She hires thugs to assault me and come to my workplace to breach my peace,” he said.

Mashavira granted Makoni a protection order and advised Mweya to make her own application for protection since she was accusing the applicant of disturbing her peace.


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