Troubles mount for Levels as ex-bae files rape accusations against music producer

HARARE – Zimdancehall producer Tafadzwa Kadzimwe, better known as Levels, is in the eye of the storm after his former girlfriend and musician Shashl (Ashleigh Moyo) has filed rape charges against him.

The Chillspot music maker’s troubles were triggered by the leaking of a sex tape between him and his ex, who is daughter to Zimbabwe’s former Health Minister Obadiah Moyo.

The sex tape and a series of compromising pictures went viral on social media weekend with Levels making a desperate attempt to manage the crisis through issuing a terse social media apology while blaming the leaks on his phone having been stolen at Pablos Nightclub in Harare and later hacked.

“I would like to apologize to my fans, family, my bosses nemi mese vanyarikani. Please forgive me. Maoneswa zvinhu zvakadai I’m very sorry I’m not going to blame anyone but myself.

“Thanks God zvabva zvatopera hachisisina chimwe chakapfuura zvavaita. I promise you never see such again I’m sorry. My Samsung s21 was stolen from Pabloz nezuro after a small fight so these where in phone but I’m sure they are done now. I’m sorry,” he said via his Instagram.

However, Shashl told a local tabloid it was a lie that Levels’ phone was stolen, adding that he forced himself on her and later threatened to leak pictures of the couple in a compromising position.

“He forced me into the situation. He would force me to sleep with him when I didn’t want to,” she said.

“I refused on several occasions before he threatened me that he would not record my music.

“Levels then moved to the next level where he forced me to actualise the relationship, of which I didn’t want.

“I refused to actualise the relationship. I was cornered, I was between a rock and a hard place.

“He kept threatening me over releasing some nudes. He then released a picture of us kissing, in which he warned me that he was showing that he can do more than that.

“It was a lie that I stole his phone, how can I steal his phone? If I had stolen it, why was he calling?

“He released his nudes to act as if someone was dropping them, he then later released a sex tape.”

However, things have since moved to another level after Shashi has filed rape claims against the producer.

She filed for rape at Borrowdale Police station as confirmed by a leaked police memo by the station Officer in Charge.

The alleged rape incident happened at Manyame Court Eastview Garden, Eastlea, Harare.

Reads the memo, “Sometime in July 2021 date unknown the accused person and the complainant were not yet in a relationship but were working together in music at Chillspot studio in Mbare.

“On an unknown date in July 2021 the accused asked the complainant to pass through his place of residence to take his car since they were using complainant’s car and they were coming from the studio.

“When they were at the accused’s place they got inside the house. While inside the house they started kissing at the same time the accused pushing the complainant into his bedroom.

“Then the complainant stopped kissing and informed the accused that she wanted to reach home before curfew time. When the complainant was about to leave the bedroom, the accused grabbed the complainant by her trousers pulled it down to thigh level and he pushed her on the bed and fell down facing upwards.

“The accused person forced himself on top of the complainant. He pulled her pant the level just below his buttocks.

“The accused person inserted his erect penis into the complainant’s vagina and had sexual intercourse with her without her consent and without protection.

“After the act the complainant ran away from the scene and went home. The matter came to light when the accused person sent some nude videos and picture of him and the complainant.

“The reason for him to send those nude videos and pictures is that they broke up and this didn’t go well with the accused person.”

It is not yet clear if Levels, who reportedly vanished weekend, has been arrested yet.

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