Wife-bashing ex-ZB bank CEO runs to court after wife turns tables

HARARE – A former ZB bank CEO who was filmed assaulting his wife last year has gone to court – this time claiming to be the victim and accusing her of battering him with a wooden spoon.

Loveness Mutandagayi, 48, on Tuesday appeared before Harare magistrate Tafadzwa Mhiti accused of assault and disposing of family property worth US$105,000 without her husband’s knowledge.

She was remanded to May 17 on free bail.

Ronald Mutandagayi lost his job in May last year after a video of him assaulting his wife in front of a child went viral on the internet.

She did not press criminal charges against the 59-year-old.

Now the former banker has shopped his wife to the police accusing her of being violent to a point he moved out of their home.

Loveness is also being charged with two counts of unreasonable disposal of the couple’s property.

The National Prosecuting Authority says between January 14 and 28 this year, Loveness disposed of the couple’s household property worth US$10,000.

“She was taking advantage of her husband’s short sight but didn’t realise that he can see, depending on size of objects and items,” reads the state outline.

The court heard that the couple’s domestic worker confirmed to Mutandagayi that his wife had disposed of several pieces of household property.

The assault charge arose after Loveness allegedly bashed Mutandagayi with a wooden spoon during a row over a missing car steering wheel.

The court heard Loveness launched into a violent attack forcing Mutandagayi to run from the house. She allegedly continued the attack outside the house as Mutandagayi was attempting to jump into a taxi.

The court heard Loveness also poured juice on her husband as he sat in the taxi while kicking him and threatening to damage the vehicle.

Mutandagayi retreated back to the house and locked himself from inside. Loveness allegedly broke the screen door in an attempt to reach Mutandagayi.

The attack was filmed by one Samantha Mamvura, allegedly on the orders of Loveness.

Mutandagayi left the family home after the incident. It is alleged that Loveness took advantage of his absence and disposed of more household property worth US$95,000.

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