ZANU PF purveyors of lawlessness and gangsterism which is destroying Zimbabwe!

Source: ZANU PF purveyors of lawlessness and gangsterism which is destroying Zimbabwe!

After a visit to the scenic mountainous city of Mutare last week – for my beloved cousin’s funeral, in rural Gombakomba – it was time to pay for the damages inflicted upon our car, which was not designed for such torturous travelling conditions. This was mainly due to the horrid impassable roads in these rural parts we had to traverse – most of which appear to have never been attended to since the country attained independence in 1980 – making a huge mockery of ‘leaving no one and no place behind’.

Tendai Ruben Mbofana

As the car was being attended to at a garage in Kwekwe – where we had to fork out about US$100 for new ball joints, and brushes, as well as paying for the labour, on top of an oil and filter change – along came a staunch ruling ZANU PF supporter, with his vehicle windscreen displaying stickers proudly declaring his loyalty to President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

What happened next was what riled me up, and got my blood boiling – a fact that I did not reveal, of course.

When the friendly mechanics enquired as to why his car was neither insured nor ZINARA license fees paid up – he arrogantly pointed to the ‘ED Pfee 2023’ stickers on his windscreen as his license and insurance disks – meaning that, merely supporting Mnangagwa gave him free passage on our roads, without the needs to adhere to country’s laws.

The fact that he was freely driving around in this unlicensed, uninsured and possibly unregistered vehicle – evidenced by a phone call he made, revealing that he had travelled quite some distance – shows that he was, indeed, getting away with wantonly violating road statutes, simply due to those ‘special ED Pfee’ stickers.

I seriously doubt if he even pays his toll fees along the highway.

The pain of it all is that here we were fixing damages to our car’s wheel area – inflicted by horrendous roads, which are either riddled with huge crater-like potholes or rural passages (I really cannot call those roads) that have since been gullied due to decades of uncontrolled soil erosion.

Yet, a good forty-three years after attaining independence from colonialism our country should be boasting of the world’s finest and most beautiful drivable roads – had we not been presided over by a group of entitled egoistic kleptomaniacs – who believe that belonging to the ruling party was a license to break every law in the country’s books.

Just like the guy we encountered at the repair shop – who willfully disregards his responsibilities to national development by neglecting to pay his taxes – or, even those senior government officials, who receive these monies (from those who pay), but misappropriate millions (if not billions) of dollars for their own personal use, instead of fixing our roads.

It was a bit of a comic moment, as I  watched this ‘ED Pfee’ man having to fork out some cash to have his car repaired – yet, the irony of how his not meeting his tax obligations coming back to bite him, clearly eluding him – since it appeared as if his vehicle had suffered the same fate as ours, at the hands of Zimbabwe’s dangerous roads.

From this incident, it was clear as to why so many people were flocking into associating themselves with ZANU PF  and the proliferation of so-called ‘4 ED’ groupings (coming in all shapes and sizes) – as the country had been reduced to a lawless jungle, run by mafia-like gangsters – who feel immune to law and order but preferring to turn Zimbabwe into some ‘wild west’.

It is really not surprising when the country itself is presided over by an unpopular and disdained leader – who lacks confidence, is a coward, and relies on such fraudulent criminality for support and loyalty – which, he, otherwise, would never, under normal circumstances, have obtained.

That is the reason we have such groups as ‘Miners 4 ED’ – that are now reportedly running amok, as they invade and forcibly acquire mines around the country, for unlawful, and usually unsafe, mining activities – thereby, discouraging, and even pushing away, any genuine investment in the sector.

This is the same industry where those aligned to the ruling elite are permitted to smuggle over US$1.5 billion worth of gold annually – whilst, over US$25 billion in diamond revenue never having seen the light of day over the last 16 years, and our lithium ore being looted on a  daily basis.

We have witnessed the same scenario, in utter horror, as ‘Farmers 4 ED’ similarly invade farms and causing chaos, thereby disrupting proper farming processes – with the potential of taking the country back to severe food insecurity.

‘Teachers 4 ED’ are suspected to be the ones not performing any meaningful teaching in the classroom – but, preferring to spend their time attending to their so-called ‘projects’, or ZANU PF indoctrination camps, at the expense of our children – thereby, creating a hopeless, wayward, drug pumping uneducated generation to lead tomorrow’s Zimbabwe.

The list can go on and on – but, the bottom line is that – Zimbabwe is being ruined, left right and center, by ZANU PF, whose only hope of attracting any supporters is by offering them a life of impunity from the law.

Surely, why would anyone want to destroy his own country – simply because of his greed for power, amidst growing unpopularity?

What manner of wickedness and cruelty is that?

How can anyone, especially one who calls himself ‘a leader’, be so comfortable with evil – such that, sees absolutely nothing wrong with leaving Zimbabwe in a state of shambles as a failed state – in his own pursuit of power and wealth?

Furthermore, what manner of nincompoops would even want to ‘prosper’ in life by being allowed to carry out these lawless acts, in the first place?

Why can they not operate their own successful business ventures (whether in mining, farming, retail or any other sector) without resorting to criminality, cutting corners, or getting corrupt favours from the political elite?

Does this not expose a sickening and disturbing level of idiocy – of a brainless group of people who do not have what it takes to make it on their own abilities?

Surely, what will be left for our children and grandchildren when such anarchy and lawlessness is being left to fester and even promoted by those in power?

Whatever happened to that breed of leaders who sought, and gained, loyalty and support through improving and uplifting the lives of the citizenry, through good workable programs that developed the entire nation?

Where are those leaders who can win elections on the basis of having bettered the ordinary people’s livelihoods by moving the country to a higher standard – as opposed to seeking favour with individuals, who are allowed to run amok for their own selfish benefit – whilst in the process, turning Zimbabwe into an inhabitable mess, of criminals and criminality?

We definitely need new leaders – and, the sooner we do so, the better – in order for us to salvage whatever little is left of our beautiful great nation.

If we stand aloof and do not raise up for ourselves, there will be nothing left for future generations – and, the lawlessness and gangsterism would have become so deeply entrenched, such that it will nearly be impossible for any government to reverse.

 Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice advocate, writer, researcher, and social commentator. Please feel free to WhatsApp or Call: :+263715667700 | +263782283975, or email:

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