ZESA warns of power cuts as work resumes to repair Kariba Dam wall

HARARE – Power utility ZESA on Tuesday warned of fresh power cuts after work resumed at Kariba to repair the dam wall.

The hydro power station at Kariba accounts for most of Zimbabwe’s electricity generation.

Work was suspended just before Christmas to ease power shortages during the holidays.

In a statement on Tuesday, ZESA said: “Following the Zambezi River Authority’s request to reduce generation levels at Kariba North and Kariba South power stations, some units at Kariba South Power Station will be taken out of service daily to allow for completion of critical works on the dam wall, resulting in reduced generation levels and load curtailment.”

The dam wall repairs are set to be completed on January 25 this month, ZESA said.

On Tuesday, Kariba was contributing 877 MW to the national greed, Hwange 167 MW and the coal-powered power station in Harare 11 MW for a total of 1,055 MW – well short of Zimbabwe’s power demand of 1,700 MW.

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