1.8mln pupils register for BEAM support

The Chronicle

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Reporter

AT least 1,8 million pupils have been placed under the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM) as the Government commits to ensure that vulnerable learners access quality education.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister, Professor Paul Mavima, said this during the National Assembly question and answer session.

He said no school should turn away pupils that are supposed to benefit under the BEAM programme, as it is Government’s responsibility to pay their fees.

“The BEAM programme has 1 800 000 learners registered on it. These schools already know of the identity of the learners,” said the minister.

“Schools are not supposed to turn these learners away because monies have not been remitted to the schools. That is the policy of the Government. As we push for those funds to be transferred to the schools, the learners should continue to learn,” said Prof Mavima.

“BEAM was up to date up to the third term of 2022, and we are in the first term of 2023. There is no reason whatsoever for schools to turn away the BEAM registered learners.

“The leadership here should help to make sure that, that message goes out to all the schools so that they do not turn away learners because that money is coming to the schools.”

The minister said Government cleared all the fees for the past year and was in the process of mobilising funds to ensure fees are paid for the first term.

“As usual, beginning of the year processes that have to be done with our budget and releases of money don’t come at the time as we want,” he said.

“We are pushing for those releases to be done so that schools will not have problems with regard to whatever supplies they need for them to operate efficiently.

“We are pushing for those funds to go to the schools and as soon as that money is made available, it will go to the schools. I am happy that we managed to cover as much of the previous arrears as possible. It’s only this term that we have to deal with. We are pushing for that money to go to the schools.” [email protected]

Article Source: The Chronicle

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