‘Bulawayo a viable investment destination’

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Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Reporter
BULAWAYO remains a viable investment destination contrary to misperception that more business prospects were possible in the capital.

Harare-based businessman, Dr Alexious Masere, said this as he dismissed as a ‘myth’ the notion that Bulawayo has limited business opportunities.

He said his Harare-headquartered car hire company has opened a branch in Bulawayo where it was making good business.

The Best Car Rental started operating in Harare in 2019 before spreading its wings to Bulawayo in September last year.

On Friday the company made a donation of various goods to Ekusileni Medical Centre, which is one of the city’s Covid-19 centres.

Dr Masere, who is The Best Car Rental managing director, said the company managed to mobilise resources for Ekusileni Medical Centre as part of its corporate social responsibility.

He expressed satisfaction with the level of business the company has been getting in Bulawayo.

“I’ve been in the car rental business for the past five years. But as a company we started operating in 2019 before opening our Bulawayo branch last year in September,” he said.

“We really appreciate the hospitality that we received when we came here and we are enjoying even the level of business that we are getting in Bulawayo.

“I would want to correct the notion that in Bulawayo there isn’t much that is happening. We have got a new branch here and we are witnessing good potential for business and we want to continue investing in this so that we provide all the car rental needs in the city.”

Dr Masere said his company has created 10 jobs for locals since its opening in Bulawayo and was reaching out to individuals, non-governmental organisations and Government departments or parastatals for potential business.

The company is diverting from the norm by other organisations that in recent years dumped Bulawayo and relocated to Harare.

Dr Masere said his company has taken advantage of the Covid-19 situation by offering transport solutions to organisations to mitigate against the impact of the pandemic.

The business is hiring out vehicles that serve as staff buses as well as top of the range vehicles suitable for all the roads in the country.

Local Government and Public Works director in Bulawayo, Mrs Khonzani Ncube, who witnessed the handover of the donation, welcomed the company’s penetration of the Bulawayo market.

She said Government normally relies on CMED for vehicle hire service but sometimes it gets overwhelmed with clients.

“Hence, we encourage the company to engage Government departments because sometimes we encounter challenges with vehicles especially when Government programmes are packed,” said Mrs Ncube.

She expressed gratitude to The Best Car Rental for making a donation to the medical institution, which started admitting patients last year.

“When the Second Republic assumed power, it made a commitment that this hospital should be opened and this has come to fruition,” said Mrs Ncube.

“We have witnessed a number of people from the community being admitted here and recovering. I’m reminded of a 96-year-old patient who was admitted here and recovered when most people had thought he would succumb.”

She said the private sector in Bulawayo has created a symbiotic relationship with Government to ensure the smooth hospital operations. – @nqotshili

Article Source: The Chronicle

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