Bus driver arrested with $4 million dagga

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POLICE have arrested a bus driver at Dulivhadzimu Bus terminus in Beitbridge and recovered 40kg of dagga, with a street value of $4 million.

The dagga was found stashed in the boot of the bus.

The arrest comes at a time when police have launched a national crackdown dubbed “No to dangerous drugs and illicit substances,” and more than 4 200 have been arrested so far. “

The operation came as Government urged the police to redouble efforts against drug lords supplying unwanted substances to youths.

The Government sees rounding up drug kingpins would help save young people, many of whom were struggling with drugs.


In a statement posted on its official Twitter page, Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said the bus driver, Hendrix Jonga (35) was arrested following a tip-off.

“Police in Beitbridge acted on information received and arrested a bus driver, Hendrix Jonga (35) at Dulivhadzimu Bus Terminus, in connection with unlawful possession of 40kg of dagga, with a street value of $4 million and it was found stashed in the boot of the bus,” said police/

This came after police had also warned cross-border bus and truck drivers, who are believed to be part of the drugs smuggling syndicate, to stop the practice or face dire consequences.

Police and other authorities have since increased surveillance and checks at all border posts as the operation against drug suppliers and peddlers intensifies.

There have been reports that many of the drivers are paid to smuggle illicit substances into the country for delivery to dealers and peddlers. Other bus drivers on intercity routes are also part of the distribution network.
Police are, however, on high alert and any driver found with drugs will be arrested and prosecuted and their buses or haulage trucks impounded.

Recently, police said they were also now conducting door-to-door searches to flush out drug dealing.
Suspected drug havens have been randomly raided by police carrying out stop-and-search operations.
So far, police have recovered large quantities of mbanje, crystal methamphetamine commonly referred to as mutoriro and bottles of banned addictive cough syrups such as Broncleer, Benylin with codeine and Adco-Salterpyn syrup, among other illicit substances.

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