Businessman bashes ZACC officers

Source: Businessman bashes ZACC officers | Herald (Crime)

Alexander Irvine (31), charged with attempting to defeat the course of justice, resisting arrest or assaulting a peace officer, arrives at the Harare Magistrates Court yesterday. — Picture: Lee Maidza

Nyore Madzianike

Senior Court Reporter

ONE of the directors at Lanwood Trading Private Limited, trading as Megasave Wholesalers, appeared in court yesterday on allegations of assaulting Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission officers, who wanted to arrest him and penalise his company for alleged tax evasion.

Alexander Irvine (31) appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court charged with attempting to defeat the course of justice, resisting arrest or assaulting a peace officer.

He was not asked to plead to the charges when he appeared before Mr Dennis Mangosi.

The court heard that on October 11, the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission received a case in which Lanwood Trading Private Limited was involved in allegations of evading paying taxes.

ZACC investigation officers Milka Pedzai and Simbai Dangaiso were then tasked to deal with the matter and they prepared a warrant of search and seizure for various companies, including Nyangani Industries Private Limited, Moshulu Grain Private Limited, Coh Coh Enterprises Private Limited, Brainscope Investments Private Limited, Rayzdil Private Limited, Raysurge Private Limited and Ayan Trading.

Dangaiso and Pedzai are said to have served the warrants of search and seizure at Nyangani Industries Private Limited and Brainscope Investments Private Limited.

Upon serving the warrants, the two investigation officers exchanged contact details with the persons in authority at these entities for further communication, the State alleged.

On October 19, Pedzai allegedly received a call from Stuart Irvine, one of the directors of Lanwood Private Limited t/a Megasave, who threatened to harm her using abusive and insulting language.

Irvine allegedly instructed her to stop approaching his suppliers, sourcing for information and accused the two investigating officers of using fake documents in a bid to extort money from the suppliers.

According to the State, investigations established that the mobile used to call was registered under Alexander Irvine’s name.

On the same date, Irvine allegedly further insulted Pedzai via Whatsapp saying:

“Stop wasting mine and my suppliers time, f*** off. Have spoken to your boss and your documents are fake, you are f***ng useless and a waste of time.

“Will see to it that Mr Chaibva investigates this to the end and that if you are a member of ZACC, you are fired for extortion and fake docs. I will make sure you and Dangaiso get locked up… kkk.”

On October 19, ZACC investigations officer Eric Chacha and his team were assigned to investigate allegations of threatening behaviour and resistance, hindering or obstructing investigations.

It is said on November 14, Chacha and his team went to Irvine’s offices at Megasave head office at No.74 Glenara Avenue North, Highlands, Harare in a bid to arrest him.

On arrival, Irvine allegedly refused to come out of his office and requested to see Chacha and one person in his office.

The court heard that Chacha and one of his team members proceeded to his office and passed through various entries with heavy keys and locks. Chacha then identified himself and indicated that he wanted to arrest Irvine.

Irvine allegedly stood up from where he was seated and started insulting Chacha.

He allegedly threw various objects at Chacha including a laptop, files and an office tray which all hit the investigator.

It is said he grabbed and pushed Chacha against the wall and hit him against the wall several times, leaving him with torn trousers, jersey and minor injuries.

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