Byo Theatre falls victim to copper cable thieves…incident affects Hwabaraty album launch

The Chronicle

Angela Sibanda, Showbiz Reporter

Hwabaraty’s Jelimana album launch that was supposed to take place at the Bulawayo Theatre on Friday has been postponed to next week following a copper cable theft at the Bulawayo Theatre.

The issue of copper cable theft has become a daily norm but, in most instances, thieves have always targeted residential areas, never public buildings.

Hwabaraty confirmed the incident when he announced that his show, which requires lights for its theatrical nature, will not be held tomorrow as Zesa officials are working on restoring power at the theatre.

“There was a cable theft incident at the theatre and since my show requires lights, we will have to postpone it to a date next week since the Zesa officials have said electricity will be fully restored by next week Wednesday.

“The album will, however, be released online while we wait for the live show to take place,” he said.

The show that was scheduled for tomorrow was set to be an album launch and an introduction to Hwabaraty’s new sound.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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