CCC slams ‘terrorist’ Zanu PF over poll violence

HARARE – Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has described Zanu PF as a terrorist organisation after suspected militant supporters of its arch rival have waged a terror campaign targeting opposition followers in parts of the country.

This follows the recent outbreak of political violence widely blamed on Zanu PF supporters.

Alleged Zanu PF supporters have gone on the rampage in parts of the country with the transgressions escalating injuries to opposition followers.

The latest attacks have targeted opposition activists in Matobo and Insiza ahead of council by-elections in the two Matabeleland South areas.

In both cases, dozens of opposition activists and innocent bystanders were injured with valuable property also damaged in the attacks.

In a news conference in Harare Monday, CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere accused Zanu PF of acting like a terrorist organisation.

“We want elections, not war,” Mahere said, adding, “We condemn the outright lawlessness that is being displayed by Zanu PF with impunity.

“With all due respect, they are behaving like a terrorist organisation, behaving like murderers, thugs and they are violent beyond any question.

“For our part, we reaffirm our commitment to nonviolent resistance and peace.

“in fact, our change champion in chief, Advocate Nelson Chamisa has repeatedly called for peace.”

Mahere said the attacks that rocked Matobo were part of Zanu PF’s elaborate strategy of using violence to throw spanners in the wake of opponent’s charge into rural areas, a traditional Zanu PF stronghold, based on past election results.

The opposition which poses the most realistic possibility of upstaging Zanu PF in national polls next year is also concerned police’s apparent unwillingness to stamp its authority and account for perceived Zanu PF perpetrators.

Mahere was up in arms with the law enforcers for taking decisive action when CCC activists now known as the Nyatsime 17 were June this year fingered in skirmishes that rocked the area during slain party activist Moreblessing Ali’s funeral wake.

Mahere urged party followers not to retaliate even in the face of what has been viewed as brazen provocation by the enemy.

“Our choice not to be violent must not be mistaken for weakness.

“In fact we don’t see a peaceful approach as being weak, in fact choosing peace is being strong because you know you have the support of the people.

“You don’t have to resort to dirty tactics to get their support,” she said.

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