Chaos as Zanu PF, CCC activists clash over Ali’s funeral

CHITUNGWIZA – Chaotic scenes rocked Moreblessing Ali’s funeral wake in her home village in Nyatsime on Sunday with Zanu PF members claiming the slain political activist belonged to their party.

This came after hundreds of CCC supporters thronged Ali’s home Sunday morning to mourn the mother of two who has closely been linked to the opposition.

However, miffed by the high turnout of opposition members in the area, some Zanu PF activists mobilised and tried to disrupt the funeral wake.

Led by area Councillor Masimba, Zanu PF demanded the funeral be moved to St Marys in Chitungwiza, adding that they will not entertain CCC politicising the event.

“This is Zanu PF territory. What is happening now is unacceptable,” said Masimba.

“We had decided the funeral should be led by the church…no political songs in our area.

“So in my capacity as Ward chairman, the councillor of the area, I have put it out to them that I am the authority of this area, a Zanu PF area…in this case, I will not allow this funeral gathering to continue in this area.”

Masimba insisted the enemy shall not be allowed to turn a domestic violence matter into a political issue.

This comes after police have continuously attributed Ali’s misfortune to a case of domestic violence between the activist and her lover.

Chaos continued at the adjacent Chibhanguza shops when two truckloads of Zanu PF youths came and clashed with some CCC youths there.

The Zanu PF youths were carrying logs, chanting party slogans and chasing away anyone who was seen wearing CCC’s yellow regalia.

Ali disappeared 24 May this year after she was reportedly abducted by alleged Zanu PF supporters.

Her mutilated body was retrieved from a well at a village in Beatrice on Saturday.

The incident has elicited massive anger from the opposition which accuses the Zanu PF led government of sanctioning the political killing the activist.

Police have called for patience as investigations into the killing take place.

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