Chief Charumbira attends AU meetings in in Addis Ababa

Source: Chief Charumbira attends AU meetings in in Addis Ababa | The Herald (Local News)

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter

Pan African Parliament president Chief Fortune Charumbira is in Adis Ababa, Ethiopia where he is attending preparatory meetings for the African Union summit that will draw heads of State and Governments from the continent next month to discuss political, economic and social issues affecting the continent.

On Monday, Chief Charumbira addressed the 45th Session of the Permanent Representatives Committee comprising accredited ambassadors from different countries to the AU.

The address marked the return of the continental Parliament to a full process of the AU summit following a two-year absence where it had to endure a protracted battle to constitute its bureau, the apex body of the organisation led by a President and four Vice Presidents.

In the end, the AU Commission stamped its authority and directed that the principle of rotation should be observed consistent with the organisation’s Constitutive Act which eventually saw the election of Chief Charumbira from the Southern region.

He addressed African Ambassadors accredited to the AU on the performance report of the PAP for the year 2022 as well as recommendations of the PAP-PRC Retreat held in December 2022.

The PAP and the PRC met in Johannesburg December 19-20, 2022 to reflect on the challenges affecting the effective exercise by the PAP of its mandate within the AU institutional architecture.

One of the issues discussed was on how to strengthen PAP both in terms of budgetary and political support so that it effectively discharge its duties in fulfilment of the objectives upon which it was created.

Another observation was on how to improve the legal framework of PAP with a view to ensuring increased participation of African citizens and civil society, as well as the African diaspora in the affairs of the Union.

The PAP President explained that the PAP had opted to present a Performance Report which is a transition from the traditional “Activity Report”.

Chief Charumbira said the performance report looked at tangible achievements, assesses performance, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and sets goals for future performance.

The report presented to the PRC provided an overview of the activities undertaken by the PAP since the elective session in June 2022, the results achieved, and the challenges faced by the institution in the execution of its results.

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