Chief launches innovative rural housing scheme

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Blessing Karubwa, Chronicle Reporter

CHIEF DAKAMEMA and his subjects in Nkayi District have launched a community housing project to benefit the elderly and vulnerable people using funds raised through selling proceeds from Isiphala Senkosi and contributions by locals.

The project is expected to run annually with the first beneficiary being 70-year-old Mrs Gladys Ncube  whose hut was destroyed by strong winds last year in Mzaca Village in ward 16. Her two other remaining huts are not fit for human habitation. In an interview, the Chief said the housing initiative is meant to provide villagers with decent shelter.

Chief Dakamela said US$900 has so far been raised to construct a two-roomed house for Mrs Ncube. The house is expected to be completed in two months.

“The mandate of this programme is to make sure that all villagers have strong houses that can withstand winds, and storms among other natural disasters. The construction of a two-roomed house is underway for a 70-year-old woman. This act will be repeated yearly to help and assist such old-aged and less privileged people,” he added.

The chief said the ongoing project is on foundation level.
He said they will start constructing a toilet for the 70-year-old woman after completing the two-roomed house.

“We have managed to purchase bricks, doorframes and window frames. We sold some grains from the Isiphala Senkosi and bought some of the material. However, some of the labour is voluntarily being provided by the community’s amabutho. They are the ones who are building the house as well as making sure that all the material is brought to the construction site,” said the chief.


While the initiative is only focusing on building houses for the elderly and less privileged, Chief Dakamela said the incapacitated still lack some other basic needs like food hence individuals who are willing to offer courtesy of charity are welcome to do so.

Mrs Ncube said the ongoing initiative is something that is not common in the district.
She said the initiative is not only going to transform her homestead but the whole community will benefit from this development endeavour.

“I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to put my head under a modern house. I thought I would die living in my cracked huts. Sibusisiwe isusu esalala inkosi uDakamela. I was surely living by God’s grace because my huts were no longer safe, anything is possible with them now,” said Mrs Ncube.

The mother of four, who is survived by two daughters, said most of her relatives working in South Africa have forgotten about her.

Mrs Ncube said she sometimes goes to bed hungry due to lack of support.
“I lack a number of basic needs like food. I can hardly afford more than one meal a day. My daughter is married here in Nkayi, she usually sends me a bucket of maize only when she would have harvested a lot of grain,” she said.

A villager from ward 16, Mr Ntokozo Mzaca, hailed the initiative and said it will bring development in the community.

“We are very happy about this project and we hope that it’s going to help many people in our community. This project is of great impact in the community; we appreciate Chief Dakamela for spearheading the initiative. We also appreciate the villagers working together in making the vision a success,” said Mr Mzaca.

Another villager, Mr Kudakwashe Mpofu (44), said the initiative is going to transform the community.
“We appreciate the great work of support that will improve the villagers’ standard of living. We are really blessed to have Chief Dakamela,” said Mr Mpofu.

Those who may wish to assist villagers in their housing programme or Mrs Ncube can contact Chief Dakamela on 077 545 6103.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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