Clinic shut down as nurses flee sex-terror tikoloshes in Umzingwane

BULAWAYO – A clinic has been forced to close in Umzingwane district, Matabeleland South, after nurses complained of being raped by invisible creatures.

The mysterious creatures have reportedly also made forays into the nearby Shale Primary School where some teachers are threatening to leave if no solution is found soon.

Shale Clinic opened in February this year, built through combined funding from devolution funds, the constituency development fund and contributions from the Umzingwane Rural District Council.

The closure of the clinic has hit villagers hard as they are now forced to travel as far as Esigodini for treatment.

“The clinic is closed because two female nurses and a male health technician ran away after complaining that they were being sexually abused,” villager Themba Moyo told ZimLive.

“They woke up moist in their privates with signs that they had sexual intercourse. This was happening at night. At the moment there’s just a janitor and nurse aide who live in the community.”

Suspecting the attacks to the be work of tikoloshes, Moyo said a village meeting was called to find a solution and a resolution was passed that whoever is found “guilty” would pay for the services of prophets or traditional leaders brought in to hunt the sex-crazed creatures. The owner of the tikoloshes would also be banished from the village.

He said they hired a member of an apostolic sect from Rusape and all the villagers were called for the cleansing ceremony.

“There was shock all round when our local Zanu PF councillor was pointed out as the owner of the tikoloshes. She was quite upset and took the matter to the police who arrested the prophets,” Moyo narrated.

“The prophets were later fined US$20 each at Esigodini and released.”

Local headman Man Nkala said he was in discussions with the acting chief to deal with the problem and get the clinic to re-open.

“We’re trying to solve the issue using our traditional ways. We want to establish if what the nurses are claiming is true,” he said.

When reminded that they had already brought some prophets who pointed at the councillor as the owner of the sex terror creatures, Nkala said they wanted the services of “genuine” prophets.

Sex terror … A clinic has been deserted by staff who claim they are being sexually abused by invisible creatures

Locals claimed the attacks started in September this year.

“There were two nurses and a health technician. They initially started complaining about being tired when reporting for duty in the morning and were claiming that they were not having restful nights,” said another villager, who declined to be named.

“They then opened up and explained what was happening at the clinic. The male health technician had a torrid time one night with the creatures pulling his penis and testicles. He struggled walking in the morning as his privates were swollen. His wife had a miscarriage recently and we believe this could be linked to the tikoloshe issue. They left as they could stand the abuse anymore.”

One of the nurses was reportedly redeployed to Mpisini Clinic in the district while the head nurse and the health technician have since gone on leave.

A male nurse who was drafted in to keep the clinic open did not last either, the villagers said, after he also fell victim to the tikoloshes.

At nearby Shale Primary School, it is claimed teachers are also having sleepless nights.

“The tikoloshes have sex with females, and men wake up with swollen privates. Sometimes female teachers wake up sleeping outside their rooms, with their food mysteriously eaten,” one villager claimed.

Councillor Alice Dube said she would only talk in the presence of the headman.

Matabeleland South provincial medical director Ruth Chikodzere’s phone rang unanswered.

The existence of tikoloshes or invisible malevolent creatures is a common legend in Zimbabwe, where a large section of the population believes in the existence of spirits and witchcraft.

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