Comedian Ankela Zex tackles change problem with song

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Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter

CONTROVERSIAL comedian Ankela Zex Mdawini has released a song detailing the challenges people face when buying in shops.

The song titled “Gabha Bank” features South Africa-based Zimbabwean DJ Mpandlana (real name Livias Sibanda) and is a cry for help given the difficulties people are facing such as finding change when one uses foreign currency. So bad is the situation that some have been forced to leave their goods at the tills after failing to get change.

The funny man said the change problem is slowing down business transactions and needs to be addressed.

“Gabha Bank was inspired by prevalent financial difficulties we face nowadays. Change is a problem in Zimbabwe and it’s slowing down business transactions. I wonder why a big company would have trouble finding change for a US$20 note at 4pm,” said Ankela Zex.

Interestingly, the artiste said those who save money at their homes, burial societies, and grocery clubs were part of the problem as he claimed that they hold onto money that can be used as change.

“The song exposes that part of the contributing factor to the change issue is piggy or tin banks where people keep coins. People only open those banks in December and I believe that that money affects the flow of the economy as it should not be kept, rather, it should be circulated.

“Besides piggy banks, burial societies and grocery clubs contribute too since they shelve money, creating change problems in the society,” he added.

The Rhumba song which was released on Sunday has been distributed to local radio stations and Zex said he is only just getting started.

“Gabha Bank is just an appetiser. I’ve struck a deal with a South African band to work on my debut album which will be titled, ‘Zex Comic in Song Vol 1’. It’s going to be quite a ride,” he said.

Ankela Zex has followed in the footsteps of fellow skit man, DJ Mapressa who joined forces with Rhumba outfit, Dubia Masters and MC Moe Shaba last year for a song titled “Umzila wegolide”.

From simulating swollen lips from a “beating sustained in a bus” to being accused of pedophilic behaviour, saying tenant-landlord jokes, and penning adult content on social media, Ankela Mdawini has been the talk of the town for a while. His recent branching into the music scene is surely one to closely monitor. – @eMKlass_49

Article Source: The Chronicle

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