Cops bash theft suspect, victim develops urinary problems

HARARE – A man who was being held as a theft suspect has taken two police detectives to court accusing them of assault which he claims has caused him some urinary problems in his system.

The accused are Criminal Investigations Department (CID) detectives, Wellington Kurai Mlambo, 43, and Gracious Selemani, 35, both stationed at Braeside police in Harare.

The complainant who has not been named in court papers filed an assault report against the detectives claiming the abuse caused him some problems with his urinary system which often sees him bleed while passing urine.

Mlambo and Selemani were arraigned before Harare magistrate Ruth Moyo who granted them US$100 bail.

The two are also facing another charge of criminal abuse of office as public officers.

They will be back in court on March 18 for their routine remand.

Their two accomplices only identified as Wagoneka and Chidhakwa are still on the run.

It is alleged that the four came across the complainant in Mbare and accused him of receiving stolen property.

According to court papers, the complainant denied the allegations before the officers took him to the station while assaulting him, forcing him to admit the allegations.

“The accused demanded money for the release of the complainant and he advised them that he had US$150 at home.

“The complainant’s brother, Isaac Mutsura was assigned to wait with the money at Mbare Musika Taxi Rank,” prosecutors alleged.

The court heard at around 12PM, the four escorted the complainant to the taxi rank and met Mutsura.

It is further alleged that upon arrival, they ordered him to get into their vehicle, and handcuffed him together with the complainant.

The officers also alleged that Mutsura is a receiver of stolen property.

The complainant later handed over US$150 to Selemani.

The State further alleges that after getting the bribe, the four then demanded a US$15 fine, claiming that it was for failure to maintain a second hand goods register.

After reportedly agreeing that the police officers would take the US$15 from the US$150, the four then agreed to let the complainant and his brother free.

The complainant discovered that he was injured in his privates after he left the police station.

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