Court forced to postpone unwell Marry Mubaiwa’s attempted murder trial

HARARE – A Harare magistrate was Friday forced to postpone Marry Mubaiwa’s attempted murder trial after the chronically ill former wife to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga was found to be unstable to defend herself.

The former model faces an attempted murder charge allegedly against Chiwenga.

Because of her health state, court was Friday forced to move trial to February 27.

The State was already in the process of arranging Chiwenga’s security in court even when Mubaiwa’s lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa had indicated that her client could not be able to defend herself because of her condition.

The VP was expected to come to court to give testimony as he is key witness in the matter.

On Thursday, Mubaiwa vomited in the dock.

Mtetwa said her client only came to court for fear of being issued a warrant of arrest as has happened before.

“The accused is unwell,” Mtetwa said.

“She went to see a doctor on the 15th and again yesterday (Thursday).

“If she did not fear a warrant of arrest as has previously been done, she would have been admitted at the hospital.

“The doctor confirmed that she needs to be admitted. We submit the doctor’s notice.”

Mtetwa had asked for a longer remand stating that Mubaiwa needed to be hospitalised but the application was opposed by the State.

On Friday, Mtetwa then brought a medical affidavit confirming that Mubaiwa was unable to stand trial, leading the State consenting to postponement.

According to prosecutors, Mubaiwa intended to finish off Chiwenga when the country’s immediate former military commander lay fighting for his life in a Pretoria hospital in South Africa 2019.

It is alleged that Mubaiwa forced Chiwenga’s security to leave his hospital room so she could find space to remove some life support devices which were connected on the VP.

Chiwenga, it is further alleged, began to bleed profusely and his condition immediately deteriorated.

Mubaiwa allegedly forced Chiwenga out of bed intending to take him out of the hospital but was stopped by some hospital staff.

It is alleged Mubaiwa then disappeared from the hospital.

Chiwenga was later flown to China where he went through what was seen as a successful treatment.

Four witnesses are lined up to testify against Mubaiwa.

The State has also sent a request for mutual legal assistance from South Africa.

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