Dr. Khupe hasn’t said she has joined Citizens Coalition for Change yet

Dear Editor,

Source: Dr. Khupe hasn’t said she has joined Citizens Coalition for Change yet – The Zimbabwean

Thokozani Khupe

There has been mixed reaction to the announcement by Dr. Khupe that MDC-T supporters should vote for Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) candidates in the coming by-elections and in the 2023 elections. Many are of the opinion that she has already joined the CCC. Some in the CCC are concerned that Dr. Khupe is an inconsistent person, with some also concerned that she may land a senior position at the expense of some loyal members. Some have said she has to apologise before she can be accepted into CCC.

I have followed Dr. Khupe’s press conferences, and I am aware she has acknowledged past mistakes. I agree she made very big mistakes, endorsing Mnangagwa’s victory, recalling parliamentarians who were elected by the citizens, and I agree with those who say she must apologise. I am not God to know how genuine Dr. Khupe is, so I take her word for it. If she decides to join the CCC, like most people will when membership opens, it is her choice. And if she ends up with a position, it is the people who will decide, and let it be.

I take the opportunity to encourage the CCC interim leadership to develop membership criteria as soon as possible after the by-elections, many people in the Diaspora are patiently awaiting to pay membership to the new party, and the membership fees will go some way in financing the party programs.

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