‘Fingerprints vetting charges remain unchanged’

Source: ‘Fingerprints vetting charges remain unchanged’ | The Herald

‘Fingerprints vetting charges remain unchanged’
Inspector Portia Chinho

Crime Reporter

Police have said the $5 and $10 local currency fees charged for police clearance certificates after fingerprints are submitted to CID Headquarters in Harare remain unchanged and people should be wary of criminals who want to take advantage of them.

When the charges are changed, the police will announce this and notices will be updated.

The procedure for police to check criminal records and create the police clearance certificate is for applicants to submit their fingerprints at CID HQ where they are screened or vetted. The fingerprints are taken at a police station convenient for the applicants. Costs vary depending on where the certificate is needed.

The local vetting and the police clearance certificate for use within the country is charged at $5 and $10 while for an urgent application can be processed within three days at a cost of $20.

These vetting fees can be paid at the police station where the fingerprints are recorded or at the CID Headquarters.

Details for applicants outside the country are set out on the police website, http://www.zrp.gov.zw. But basically fingerprints are mailed to CID HQ and the processing fee of USD$75 is deposited into the provided account number and the certificate will be availed after vetting.

The announcement also comes after police received reports of criminals outside CID headquarters who were masquerading as detectives and charging exorbitant fees to unsuspecting members of the public.

In a statement, police CID spokesperson Detective Inspector Portia Chinho said people should approach CID offices in person and not engage third parties. Even in extreme emergencies when it is not possible to comply with the waiting period, applicants should feel free to approach the officer in charge criminal records office for assistance.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to clarify the police clearance on fingerprint vetting procedure. Applicants should have their fingerprints taken at any nearest police station and the fingerprints recording by Zimbabwe Republic Police is a free service but one should bring own forms.

“Those outside the country can have the fingerprints recorded at any police station in the countries they reside. The fingerprints should then be deposited or taken to CID Headquarters reception where vetting fees are paid for processing.

“To those who are not in Harare may send through courier services well addressed with a paid up return of package,” she said.

She said local companies and employers are also encouraged to check and accept local vetted finger prints that have proof of payment made at a police station, attached to them as proof that they have gone through the proper system.

The police urged members of the public to contact the Director CID on (0242) 251035 or 709134-48 extension 1006 or 1135 and the National Complaints Desk on (04) 703631.

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