Getting to know the Top 10: Meet Leslie Kampila

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This week, Afro-fusion musician Leslie Kampila is topping the charts with his song titled Kumnandi which features rapper, Msiz’Kay. Below is an interview with the artiste.

Question: Please tell us about yourself.
Answer: Leslie Luwizhi Kampila is an Afro-fusion artiste, singer and songwriter born in Zimbabwe to Mozambican parents. My style of music is hook-laden and blends Amapiano, Afro-Rn’B and pop.
Q: What inspired the song Kumnandi?
A: Love is at the centre of our daily lives and experiences one way or the other so this song was inspired by the joy of celebrating a loved one that makes you smile every morning. You find yourself singing “kumnandi ukub’emathandweni.” Most of what I write is from real-life situations and other people’s experiences too.

Q: Who did you work with on the song?
A: I worked with an artiste that I respect a lot, the seasoned and talented Sizalobuhle Nkomo (Msiz’kay).

Q: You have been doing a lot of features lately, what’s the importance of collaborations?
A: I believe in teamwork and building each other’s brands from the perspective of growth. When we share ideas, there is so much more that comes out of it and this benefits both parties.

Q: Artistes have been complaining about promoters using the same line-up of artists at almost all events, what’s your take on this?
A: Well, I guess the industry is always prone to either advantage you or disadvantage you as an artist. But, if you believe in yourself and know your worth, you will not be moved by these challenges that face as artistes. Rather, you will work on becoming a force to reckon with by making good music until you are noticed in the places of influence.
People talk about gatekeeping and all of that, but with social media, I don’t think there is any gate that can stop your music from being heard and growing your brand till it touches the four corners of the earth. At the end of the day, talent, hard work, and persistence are key.

Leslie Kampila

Q: What do you think is lacking in the arts or music industry in Bulawayo and how can it be addressed?
A: Bulawayo has unbelievable talent, but I think that we need the corporate world to come and support us because when there is no funding, it is difficult to survive off music. There’s also a need for brand awareness through adverts and sponsors so that artistes can at least earn a decent income. If one is doing music full-time in Bulawayo, it is a very difficult task.

Q: Any advice to those that have a dream of becoming successful in the industry?
A: If you can dream it, you can achieve it. A God-given gift nurtured by hard work, vision, and persistence will never be denied. It may take time, but it will happen.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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