Hip Hop Power Sessions, FlowFest taking the genre forward

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Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter

THE Hip-HopCapital FlowFest returns this winter with more to celebrate in the city’s hip-hop culture than ever before.

The event will take place at Club263 with the change of times being one of the notable differences.

The third installment of hip hop’s premier monthly show will be held in the afternoon, a change from the usual prime time hours of the evening to cater for Bulawayo-bound dance group, Monroe and the Phenomenal Queens.

The solid consistency of the Hip Hop Power Sessions coupled with the Flowfest is definitely something worth celebrating.

The two events have seen the city now having official consistent gatherings.

This month’s HipHopCapital (HCC) FlowFest will honour everyone making moves to elevate the culture, small and large scale.

As usual, the FlowFest though a lifestyle event, will have just but a handful of performances of all elements honouring more artistes in the city working hard and making waves.

From breakdance to poetry, there will be displays of craftsmanship and pure showmanship.

Organisers of the show said, slowly but surely, the hip-hop genre has been growing through such gatherings.

“The city has been labelled a cry-baby for a while now and these events come at a time when it was starting to seem like all doors were closed if the youth didn’t rub shoulders with promoters.

“One can feel the pride even in the music being made and the lyricism. No one is looking for validation anymore.

“It’s now about sharing our craft and culture with the world without seeking validation. It’s possible that we might have finally found the missing link to the success and growth of the music, and that is attaching a lifestyle to the music so we can be relevant to the ordinary man, woman and child on the streets.

“The struggle to be appreciated and compensated for what you do itself is a story worth telling, artistes no longer have to imitate anyone because the Bulawayo story is rich and original. All these events put together without the help of promoters is living proof of the level of commitment and motivation that exists in the arts and culture industry of Bulawayo.

“It’s going to be another celebration of the cultural elements like breakdance, poetry and some of the city’s finest performing live,” said the organisers.

Asaph, AOK, Larynx, Tebza and Swazy will be making appearances back to back with DJ Mark V and Khekhe.

It’s always a vibe when hip hop comes together but it’s even better when artistes are celebrated and given their roses in their living years.

As always, rappers will network and form synergies to elevate the current state of the art will characterise this weekend’s hip hop extravaganza.

The organisers implored lovers of hip hop to turn up in numbers in full support of the movement.

“All that the city needs to do is just show up in numbers and show off our support for local creatives. We need to do more than we are doing now if the hip hop genre is to move forward and claim its rightful place in Zimbabwe’s music sector, ” said the organisers. – @eMKlass_49

Article Source: The Chronicle

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