Jailed Sikhala Appoints Family And Personal Spokesperson

Source: Jailed Sikhala Appoints Family And Personal Spokesperson

Jailed Zengeza West Member of Parliament, Job Sikhala has written a letter informing Zimbabweans that he has appointed lawyer Freddy Masarirevu as his family and personal spokesman with immediate effect. Sikhala said thousands of people have been contacting his wife and family about his well-being. Pindula News presents the letter:

Chikurubhi Maximum Security Prison P. Bag 7392 Greendale Harare 09 September 2022


After my arrest and incarceration since the night of the 14th of June 2022 up to present, I have noticed the following;

1. That thousands of concerned people throughout the world have been phoning my wife, children and family members inquiring about my wellbeing.

I have noticed with grave concern the serious signs of depression my wife and children are going through. I realized that the depression my wife is going through has been occasioned by her assumption of some huge responsibilities of taking care of our young family by herself.

I thought it is wise to appoint someone who will give you updates promptly at every term and all information concerning myself. Your huge love cannot be unattended.

2. That there is dearth of information of what is really happening around my person behind these walls of Chikurubhi Maximum Security Prison.

3. That the people of Zimbabwe and greater world audience are not being informed about my true personal position and opinion on several issues of political development.

This is the responsibility that I have bestowed upon the shoulders of this young brilliant mind knowing well his ability to withstand pressure and the depth of his finest brains.

Any need for inquiries concerning myself should be directed to him.

Hon. Job Sikhala

Chikurubhi Maximum Prison

Sikhala has been in prison since 14 June when he was arrested over the Nyatsime violence that erupted during the funeral wake of slain Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist, Moreblessing Ali. Courts have denied him bail on several occasions.

The CCC led by Nelson Chamisa says Sikhala is a political prisoner adding that the state is politicising bail

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