Killemol squashes beef, release song with POY

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Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter

LAST month, rapper duo Killemol set the hip hop industry on fire with a diss track titled “Ready For War” and after a huge uproar, have turned their attention to a new project, beginning with a collaboration with veteran rapper, Poy.

Today, the duo released the audio and visual collaboration of the project titled, “Power.”

Killemol’s Rodney Ngadlangadla said they have squashed the beef with fellow rappers and still stand by their decision to “shake the industry” since it was “necessary evil.”

“When we dropped Ready For War, many in Bulawayo, many rappers were shaken and went back to their rhyme pads and most Harare rappers were afraid for their careers and to be exposed for their mediocre. So, they kept silent and as we promised to drop a single every month, we will be doing just that. We had to shake things up and this was a necessary evil.

“On this piece, we reveal “The Book of Rap” showcasing every rap skill in the book and why they say they are the greatest native rappers in Africa. This is because they focused on vernacular but on an international level. If we had the means, we’d call Jay-Z or Nas or this record but we had to call on our own local hip hop veteran POY the realest and he showed great precision and skill, “ said Ngadlangadla.

Quizzed on the subject matter of the song, Ngadlangadla said the song talks about power retention in the face of adversity.

“Power talks of remaining in control through whatever you are good at despite the challenges and trials faced. Whether you fall or rise, you remain in power of your destiny, your life and your purpose. It’s a song for everyone who keeps on keeping on and not giving up on what they are meant to do in whatever field of work no matter what they face,” he said.

Ngadlangadla lauded praise on POY, alluding to the Mabomba hitmaker as “one of the greats.”

“POY is one of the greats from the country. So, we first threw a party in Emganwini, then had a few performances in the hood, and when the party was over, we had everyone inside the house and we started recording at night. This has been one of the greatest moments in my hip hop career. It’s a blessing to work with industry greats.

“Throughout the years, we have been releasing one or two tracks and our valued supporters have been asking for more. So, from this year, it’s no longer Killemol season, it’s Killemol Forever, “ said the rapper.

The song was produced by Loshy and the video features Ruthless and Leezie Taylor. – @eMKlass_49

Article Source: The Chronicle

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