Kiros zw keeping spirit of love alive

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Millicent Dube, Showbiz Reporter

The day to celebrate love, Valentine’s Day may have come and gone but musicians Kiros zw and The Shoemaker want to keep the spirit of love alive with their recent release of a song titled Okuhle.

The song was released on the eve of Valentine’s as a celebration song for couples that have sailed through hardships that come with being in love. They saw this as the perfect hit to celebrate the month of love.

Born Ishmael Dube, Kiros zw who gained popularity after he released a song titled Ngabe Kuyangami featuring the late Cal Vin said Okuhle has been performing well and it is their hope that it will keep the spirit of love alive.

“This song portrays love between a couple that has not been approved or appreciated by people but the couple is not deterred. Okuhle is an expressional Ndebele term used to describe the beauty of a particular thing,” said Kiro zw.

The song has an Afro-pop feel and is part of an EP that the singer has been working on. If all goes according to plan, the EP titled Impilo lo Thando will be released mid-year.

 The Shoemaker who provided vocals on the song has been in the limelight after performing at the #ILoveMsizkay second installment last year in December. He is featured in one of Msiz’kays songs titled December and Nhloko which other award-winning artists such as Luminous, Junior Garnet and Sox the Poet had verses on. Born Mzingaye Roderick Sibanda, his stage name The Shoemaker has drawn attention to him as it certainly does not relate to anything musical.

The song Okuhle is available on Spotify and on with the artistes urging music lovers who have not yet sampled it to give it a listen.

“There is a lot more to come from us and people should brace themselves. The love story continues. What a great way to have celebrated the month of love,” said Kiros zw.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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