Motorists call for speedy rehabilitation of Seke Road 

Source: Motorists call for speedy rehabilitation of Seke Road | The Herald

Motorists call for speedy rehabilitation of Seke Road

Farai Dauramanzi Herald Reporter

Motorists are waiting impatiently as contractors continue rebuilding much of Seke Road and are looking forward to the day when they can drive between Chitungwiza and Harare without navigating potholes.

Government is currently rehabilitating Seke Road under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Program (ERRP2) with the initial section reconstructed being the stretch from Coke Corner up to Maruta shops.

Once that was complete, the contracts were extended and re-surfacing has now reached Zororo cemetery area. However, there is still a badly damaged portion at the Chinhamo area which requires total re-construction and the Hunyani Bridge requires surface repairs.

Itai Zvavanhu a motorist from Zengeza said that the work on the bridge and Chinhamo area should be tackled urgently as the bad patches are now causing unnecessary delays.

“We are happy that Government heard our cries and extended the rehabilitation of Seke Road from Maruta shops where they had initially planned to end.

“However, the rehabilitation program should be hurried up as the pot-holes at the Hunyani bridge and at the Chinhamo area are now causing massive congestion especially during peak hours,” said Zvavanhu.

Another motorist Sharon Gora said that many freak accidents are also being witnessed on the badly damaged portions of the highway.

“Many drivers are not patient enough to negotiate the pot-holes which then results in freak accidents as people will be in a rush to get to work.

“We would really appreciate if the Government treats the final stage of rehabilitation of Seke Road as a matter of urgency as the highway is used by many people who travel to Harare on a daily basis,” said Gora.

Government has promised to rehabilitate urban roads under its ERRP programme.

“Most urban roads and highways have suffered many years of neglect but the Second Republic has been moving with speed to rectify that.”

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