‘Opposition parties have nothing to offer’

Source: ‘Opposition parties have nothing to offer’ | Herald (Top Stories)

President Mnangagwa

Prosper Ndlovu in Binga

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa yesterday mocked opposition party formations for failing to deliver tangible results in the last 22 years, saying this was a wake up call for the electorate to return to Zanu-PF, a party that liberated the country from colonial bondage.

As the country gears for the harmonised 2023 harmonised elections, President Mnangagwa said it was high time the electorate examines its choice of candidates against practical deliverables, and shun those parties that are not contributing anything to their livelihoods.

Speaking yesterday in Binga during the handover of fishing rigs to 21 chiefs, he said the recent by-election results have shown that the ruling party, Zanu-PF is successfully penetrating former opposition strongholds.

He said in Binga North, for instance, CCC candidate Prince Dubeko Sibanda won by a narrow margin after getting 10 130 votes against Zanu PF candidate Cde Kudakwashe Munsaka who polled 7 971.

“Last time when we came here we had elections and I want to thank you that the figures we got this time, after 22 years, show that although our candidate has not won, people have started seeing the light.

“If you unite and work closely with Zanu PF and the Government, all your concerns will be dealt with by the leadership and your problems will be addressed.

“The MDC, CCC, or GGG, if you tell them your problems, they can’t do anything, they have no capacity. 

“Today, if you have any problem and raise concern to the President, action can be taken there and there but the opposition cannot do anything,” said the President, drawing thunderous applause from the large gathering.

Since the turn of the millennium, President said opposition parties have let their supporters down, especially in urban centres where they have failed dismally, and mainly stand accused of running down municipalities.

He, however, said his Government will not renege from its responsibility to support, protect and develop the nation and all its people despite different political affiliation.

“As we prepare for the next general election, I appeal for your support to vote for Zanu PF, to say ‘President, with the work you are doing here we will vote for you and support the ruling Zanu PF party’,” said President.

“We don’t want Binga to continue being only one left behind when the rest of the country is progressing.”

To that end, President Mnangagwa urged Zanu PF cadres to close ranks and unite to achieve meaningful national development.

“Let us be good party leaders and stop wrangling among ourselves. No one is above the party or can put Zanu PF is his or her pocket, not even myself but all of us can fit in the party pocket and not vice versa,” he said.

“As long as we unite and work together, the country will have progress, but if we have tensions among ourselves, we can’t move forward. I urge all of you to take heed of this message.”

President Mnangagwa also paid tribute to the chiefs for preserving their cultural heritage and said this was critical for national progress.

He said the fishing rigs programme was in response to dialogue with local chiefs, who demanded Government empowerment for the benefit of their communities.

President Mnangagwa also urged the Binga community to embrace vaccination as the Covid-19 is still a threat to human life

He assured the nation that the Government has adequate stocks to innoculate everyone.

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