Police flag reckless driving as festive period road carnage claims 20

HARARE – Police have attributed the festive period road carnage to sheer negligence by drivers.

This comes amid reports that at least 20 people have been killed in separate road traffic accidents along major highways since December 15, 2022.

In an interview, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said most of the fatal road traffic accidents recorded so far were caused by negligent drivers.

“Most of those accidents are due to overtaking errors, issues of encroaching into oncoming traffic leading to collisions and coupled with speeding,” Nyathi said.

“Drivers are just being reckless and they need to change their mindset and promote road safety at all times.

“Between Saturday and today (Wednesday), we have lost over 20 people. Most of these accidents are caused by the factors alluded to.”

Nyathi urged drivers to exercise caution behind the wheel in order to save lives.

“Drivers must be safety conscious. All other activities can be done but the drivers must contribute towards safety on the road,” he said.

Civil Protection Department chief director Nathan Nkomo echoed police calls on drivers to exercise caution all the time.

“We have started witnessing gruesome road traffic accidents. We wish that drivers can be really cautious on the roads and ensure that we reduce carnage on the roads,” Nkomo said.

In a 2022 festive season statement, Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga also urged drivers to avoid speeding and overloading their vehicles.

“May I urge drivers to be exemplary on the roads and promote road safety at all times. All unroadworthy and plate-less vehicles will be impounded by the police.

“Drivers should not speed or overload vehicles with passengers or goods. The mixing of goods and passengers will not be tolerated by the police during this holiday as this contributes to road traffic accidents,” he said.

The festive holidays are characterised by an increase in human and vehicular traffic movements as the public undertake various activities in a festive mood.

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